Thursday, June 25, 2009

The results are in...

They have been in, actually. I just was on vacation and never thought to update. Bad me.

On Monday, the 15th, the nurse called and let me know that I DO NOT have Hepatitis C.

Happy me. I still am blacklisted from donating blood ever again, but whatever.

She didn't say anything about any of the other tests he ran, like my glucose and cholesterol. So I'm running on the assumption that they were either fine or not bad enough to warrant anything other than diet and exercise at the moment. The doctor knows I'm trying to lose weight and is letting that be my treatment for my slightly high blood pressure (which could have been a small case of White Coat Syndrome if I'm to be honest).

So I have now had my physical for 2009 and can cross that off my list, whatever number it was. I actually am thinking of redoing a few things on my list. My list, my rules, right? I can make a few changes if I want.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

#86 - Reconnect with Trina

Hot on the heals of almost completing the "Reconnect with Sam" item, I have had the other "reconnection" item dropped into my happy little lap. Here's the story...

In high school, my best friend girl-wise was Amanda. She still is. Our little friendship always seemed to be a part of a threesome (not THAT kind of threesome) with a few different friends filling the role of the Third Musketeer. One of our absolute favorite friends was Trina. Trina was awesome... funny, smart, had cool kinky curly hair (my hair is super straight - I love curly hair), and we all got along great. She lived out in BFE and you had to drive down this long, long, windy road that cut through a bunch of fields. Ultra creepy in the dark.

I guess I kind of lost touch with her after I graduated. She was a year behind me and when she graduated, she went off to college in Utah.

With all these social networking sites, I have found all sorts of people I went to school with. Even people I don't remember who remember me. But I could never find Trina. I tried emailing her brother, even. She had just fallen off the face of the earth. Amanda looked, too. Nothing. No Trina.

This morning I logged onto facebook and saw Amanda's status: "Fer! I found Trina!" Yes, people really do call me Fer.

After making me wait all day long, she finally sent me a message with a link to Trina's blog. I got her email off of it and sent her an email. She probably will think it's spam. LOL

I am so excited.


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