Monday, August 27, 2012

What I've been up to...

Yeah, I'm a bad, bad blogger lately.  I know.  =)

The end of summer break was just exhausting.  It was so hot and my husband's truck doesn't have AC, so the girls and I usually let him have the van and we were stuck at home.  They were so bored all the time and going to work seemed like a vacation some days.  I was really ready for school, and things are much calmer around here already.  I just didn't have time to sew or crochet, but now I think things are settling down to where I can sit down and work on my projects instead of trying to find the floor of the living room.

Except I do have one problem....

We all know that Isabelle has an obsession with scissors.  And, while we didn't have any hair cutting incidents this summer, she did get a hold of the scissors a few times and we have a lot of dolls with odd hair cuts and one of my dresses fell victim one day.  So, I threw every pair of scissors in a lock box.  Again.  And, for good measure, since I keep a pair of scissors in my crochet needle bag.... yes, the whole bag went in the box.  I put the key up and I think we all know where this is going.

I can't find the key.  Again.

I know, hooks are cheap.  I'm still mad about it, though.  There are several pairs of scissors (um, like my fabric scissors and rotary blade) and my cute crochet bag in there.  Ugh.  I've searched everywhere.  I have no clue where I put that stupid key.

But, I've been really busy doing something far more important than crocheting anyway.

In April (or some time around then), I made myself a goal to lose 37 lbs before I turn 37 in December.  I had a really hard time getting into it, BUT  I'm on it now.  I've done really well the past two months.  I'm down 12.5 lbs.  I may not actually hit 37 lbs by December, but I'll be close.

I only have 2 hours between putting the girls to bed and going to bed myself and I have at least one of those hours reserved for working out (and my shower).  Then I have to make lunches and all that jazz for the next day.  So, my nights are booked for my health.  I intend to keep it that way, too.

I'm really having fun, too.  I enjoy working out.  I absolutely love yoga.  I go to a class once a week, and try to get a few practices in a week at home.  I tried to do it every day (Sadie Nardini practices are awesome!), but I was starting to get a little burned out and I don't want that.  I do Leslie Sansone's walk-at-home videos a lot, too.  I mix it up... I tend to get bored quickly doing the same thing.

It's becoming a lot more than losing weight to me.  I'm starting to think about goals that have nothing to do with a number on a scale or the size of my jeans.  Like walking a half-marathon...  I know, CRAZY.  I want to try running, but that gets difficult with our schedules.  I can get Olivia and Isabelle to walk or run with me, but Zoe...  well, poor baby just can't keep up with her short little legs.  But I want to be really physically fit in the end.   I'd rather weigh 160 in the end and be able to kick butt than 150 and a wimp.

Oh, did I mention I can do push ups now?  Not many... 3 or 4 regular ones, 16 or more on my knees.  I'm impressed with myself.

I am itching to work on my mom's afghan and I'm finding more free time in the afternoon when the girls get home, so it's going to happen.  I'm going to leave the lock box out in the kitchen.  I'm sure Isabelle will figure out some way into it.  ;)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School 2012

Wow, it's been almost a month since I posted anything.  Just no time...  maybe now that school has started, I can get in a better routine and have time for more things.  Maybe.

I just wanted to share our first day of school pictures.  I didn't get emotional at all this morning.  I've been so ready for this.  I'm looking forward to not washing towels every day because Isabelle's been playing in the mud, taking a bath, and then going back out to get in the mud.  I'm looking forward to less mess.  Fewer groceries.  The kids not being sick of each other every second of every day.

I tell you this... if a politician ever wants to secure my vote 100%, promise me year-round schools. 

Anyway, here are my darlings...


Olivia wasn't nervous at all until we got to her classroom.  There were so many people packed in there, though, and she doesn't like crowds.  So we left her looking a little scared.  She'll be fine though.  Her teacher has promised that she doesn't like to give homework, so I'm hoping that's the case.  I don't like homework.


Isabelle wasn't too thrilled to have to get up and get ready for school, but once we were there, she was off and running.  I hope this is a really good year for her. 


We're still at Mother's Day Out this year.  She's probably the oldest kid there, and hopefully she won't be bored out of her mind.  =)

The bell schedules changed this year, so we will have to adjust to a different routine than we had last year.  I'll have to pick up Zoe a little early to be able to get the other two.  I'm tempted to start letting them ride the bus home, but Daddy's not ready for that.  =)  He was a little sad this morning.  He said he's going to miss their antics.  Then again, he usually wasn't the one cleaning up after them ;)

Have a great week!


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