Friday, January 22, 2010


I have to say I have some really awesome friends. And some of them are super crafty. I never considered myself very crafty, and still don't - I think some of it is crap. But since I'm having a love affair with my sewing machine, I do fall into the category somewhat.

I have two friends and a sister who quilt. Well, I think I have 3 friends who do, but 2 that are avid quilters. My sister made each of the girls a quilt when they were born and Olivia has a twin size quilt in addition to that. They're gorgeous. I have seen many pictures lately of my other friends' quilting adventures and I really think I'm going to have to try this.

When I made the girls some skirts for Christmas, I ended up having to piece them together in a quilt-like fashion. And it was kind of fun. So I know I can piece together a quilt top, no problem. It's the part that comes after that that I'm not so sure about. I understand everything up to the actual quilting and then I'm lost. Is it something I can do on my machine? I know my sister used to go use a machine her friend owned that was especially for quilting (and made awesome curly designs) instead of using her own machine. If I tried hand quilting, would I actually finish it?

I am in the middle of my sock monkey project right now, so I have a little while before I can really look into this. But it's worth a try...


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