Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hi... How ya doin'?


If you say that to Zoe (exact words or it won't happen) she says, "I'm fine, but I'd be a lot better if you'd stop talking to me."  Just one of those totally inappropriate, but funny, things my husband likes to teach our children. 


He always looks so enthusiastic in pictures.

So how are you?  I'm doing really well.  I'm down 15 lbs as of today.  I've been vegetarian for 11 days now.  Not sure that's a permanent thing, but it's going well. 

We went to an air show this weekend.


I didn't really want to go.  I wanted to stay home and clean.  Yes, clean.  But it was fun and my husband said "How could you want to miss out on torturing your children with loud noises?"  Isabelle really hates noise.  Which is odd, considering what a loud child she is.


School is going well.  The girls have been on their best behavior every day so far, and I'm sure the school nurse knows them very well by now because I'm pretty sure they've both been at least half a dozen times each.  They're such hypochondriacs.

But anyway.

Still haven't done anything remotely crafty.  But I have two projects, one big, one little, on tap.

Friday night is our local Yogathon kick off and my sister and I are going to freezer-paper stencil some shirts.

We're doing this or....

The other project is for something really cool.  A friend of mine mentioned that she was doing The Color Run in November and after some discussion, we formed a team.  You have no clue how excited I am about doing The Color Run.  We're walking.  But we were talking about maybe doing some sort of costume and we think we have settled on wearing flower bonnets like this:

The petals will be white.  Until we finish the walk ;)  I'll have to make 4 or 5, I think.

But that's pretty much all that is going on around here.  Work, sweat, sleep. Make sure the kids do their homework and eat (like I need to make sure that happens).  Hopefully I'll have more to share soon!


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