Monday, January 19, 2015

Yarn, yarn, yarn

I need to do some catching up.  I posted my pictures from my Olivia day, but haven't put up my Isabelle and Zoe days.  Our internet at home SUCKS.  We went from having unlimited data to restricted and last month we hit our allotment within a week.  They slow us down after that, and when I say slow, I mean slow, like turtles through quicksand slow.  So I couldn't upload my Isabelle pictures.  Zoe's pictures were on my phone, but I tend to be a little OCD about needing to do things in order, so I haven't done hers either.

My week off of work was fantastic.  Didn't get much accomplished, but that's how it normally goes. 

My DietBet was a huge bust.  I don't know if my scale was acting wonky or what happened, but I did so well the first week,  was about halfway there within a week and a half, and then my period came and it was like I gained 8 lbs overnight and it didn't want to leave.  I was only down about 1 lb at the end.  Whether my scale was off at some point or if I just got cocky with the awesome numbers in the beginning...  no matter.  I will probably try again later in the year.  I'd like to win one, you know? 

Aside from work and trying to get my head in the weight loss game, I've been crocheting quite a bit.  I had a friend message me to see if I'd like some yarn a family member had and didn't want.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but what I got was beyond expectation.

74 skeins of yarn.  33 were shades of green.  Some of it might make its way to a thrift store, because some of it's Red Heart and I just can't stand how scratchy it is, and I'm thinking most of it was bought in the 90s when rose and country blue were a hot color combo, but it's not all bad.  I have plans for some of the green, for sure.

I made these little cuties for a friend's daughter. 

And some boot cuffs, which apparently are impossible to find around here. 

A few cowls because it's been pretty cold around here (and I look really odd in this picture for some reason...)

And Zoe's birthday doll, Myrtle.  If you've ever seen American Horror Story (Season 3, Coven, specifically), you might recognize my inspiration.  If you haven't, you should.  LOL  I know it seems weird that I'd make my 7 year old a doll inspired from a horror show, but I have to take my inspiration and roll with it sometimes and Zoe loves Myrtle, even if she has no idea who Myrtle is.

I am making a stash-busting afghan right now because my stash overfloweth.  I have a few projects I am holding myself to to try to use up yarn I already have before I dive into another project I'm itching to start, but will need to buy yarn for. 

2015 has started off on a good note so far, so hopefully that will continue throughout the year!


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