Wednesday, January 1, 2014

14 for 2014

I considered doing a "38 while 38" goal list around my birthday last month, but considering I didn't get through half of my "37 while 37" list, I thought this would be more attainable. 

Here are 14 things I am going to accomplish this year:

  1. Have a family portrait made.
  2. Read 25 books (or listen to, as I tend towards audiobooks lately so I can work and read)
  3. Do 3 half-marathons (Little Rock on 3/2, others TBD)
  4. Lose 50 lbs
  5. Log 750 miles walking (or running if I get back into that)
  6. Continue my once-a-month photos with my girls
  7. Family Fun Days twice a month (or more)
  8. Meditate three times a week (or more)
  9. Get a tattoo
  10. Start selling my crochet work
  11. Mood afghan
  12. Teach at least one of my kids to crochet
  13. Sew at least one thing a month
  14. No smoking
I ordered a treadmill today.  My rec center pass runs out very soon and considering that I only used the treadmill there, and it cost me $6 each time I went for childcare, it was worth just buying one for the house.  It's going where the Christmas tree was.  Yes, in my living room.  So it can stare at me and guilt me if I don't use it.  =)

A note about #14... it's "no smoking" instead of "quit smoking" because it's been almost 2 weeks since my last cigarette.  I was having trouble quitting and decided to try an e-cigarette.  I did some research online and decided to go to the local vape store (it's called "vaping" instead of "smoking" because it's vapor, not smoke) instead of just picking up a kit at the gas station.  I bought a starter kit for $40, and I LOVE it.  If you're not familiar with what the difference is, here's the basic idea...instead of burning plant matter to get the nicotine (and inhaling thousands of added chemicals), the nicotine is in a base liquid (made out of ingredients that are in all sorts of everyday things like asthma inhalers).  The liquid is heated up by an atomizer and produces a vapor. 

I know a lot of people don't see it as any better or different that smoking, but it's nothing like it at all and there has been a lot of research that shows people who go to e-cigarettes show the same improvements in health that a person who stops smoking altogether does.  Some people argue that there isn't enough research to support that it's better for you because it's a fairly new technology, but my personal opinion is that it probably isn't as good as ditching nicotine completely, but heating up a liquid with a few simple ingredients versus burning leaves laced with arsenic and thousands of other known harmful chemicals HAS to be better for me.

But, I don't stink like smoke anymore.  I hated smelling like smoke - I would immediately wash my hands and would even wear a different jacket outside just to smoke in.  I wouldn't wear it anywhere else.  It tastes much better, too.  You can get e-juice that tastes like tobacco, but there are hundreds of other flavors, too.  Right now mine tastes like cinnamon and watermelon, which sounds like an odd combo, but it's awesome.  There's no second-hand smoke (just water vapor) to endanger other people, and hardly any smell (and what little there is smells really nice).  And it's sooooo much cheaper.  I was spending at least $25 a week on cigarettes, and a bottle of e-juice that lasts me at least a week is $10.  You can spend a lot on components if you get really into it, but I'm happy with what I have.  I have to replace a $2 part every few weeks and in the future I might need to replace the battery.  It's already paid for itself and I feel better.  I did go through about a week of adjusting.... you do still go through some withdrawal, but it wasn't anything like quitting before.  So, no more smoking.  I don't smoke, I vape.  LOL  That sounds so stupid to me.  Maybe I'll try quitting nicotine altogether eventually (I can buy liquid with lower nicotine, even without any) but this works for me right now.

So, that's that.

Best wishes to you all for a spectacular 2014!  May all your wishes come true and your goals be met!


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