Friday, September 10, 2010

Frito Chili Pie

I sent Olivia to school with lunch money because I was out of bread today.  Plus, she prefers to buy her lunch.  She thinks it is the neatest thing.  If I send her lunch, most of it comes back uneaten.  But she'll eat everything on the tray (so she says) if she buys her lunch.  So I let her a few times a week.  The menu online said that they were having Frito Chili Pie for lunch, so when we got home I asked her how she liked lunch.  This was her description:

"Momma!  We had chips and sauce.  You took the chips and dipped them in the sauce, and some of the chips already had sauce on them so you just picked them up and ate them.  And some of them were all melty in the sauce and they were soooo good."

So Olivia loves chili-soggy Fritos.  And I have a craving for Frito Chili Pie now.


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