Sunday, May 31, 2009

#45 & #46 - Order Isabelle's and Zoe's birth certificates

I know, I know, Izzy just turned 3. I should have had her birth certificate a LONG time ago. But I forgot. Then Zoe came along and I didn't see any huge need in it because I still didn't have Izzy's and had never needed it.

Well, sometimes making the intention to accomplish something is enough to set the wheels in motion for you to HAVE to do it. Kinda like when I said I wanted to have a physical this year and now I HAVE to go to the doctor for other reasons...

Bill got a packet in the mail. We were picked for an insurance audit. We have to provide documentation that we're married and our kids are our kids or they will drop us off of his insurance. And guess what I don't have? Birth certificates for not just one, but two of my kids. Luckily we have until the middle of July to provide the information. I got online Friday evening and ordered their birth certificates. I also made sure I could locate Olivia's and our marriage certificate.

So... check and check - two more items bite the dust!

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  1. I did this too...its' nice to know I'm not alone....I had to get all three kids' certificates for the custody matter when it came to court!



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