Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The project list grows...

I should be heading to bed, but I'm enjoying the fact that I don't have to work tomorrow and taking advantage of it.  =)

Unfortunately, I don't think we're doing anything Thanksgiving-y tomorrow.  Zoe is sick, I'm still a bit under the weather myself, just a cold, but we can't expose my parents to it.  It sucks, but what can you do? 

I will be spending the day cleaning and crocheting.  My project list is spinning out of control.  I have to put a stop to it.  I think I've taken on all I can now.  Here's what I have going on, in addition to my hat-a-week until my half marathon...

I just finished my Week 4 hat, which I'll show off Friday.  It's not all that exciting.  I mean, I think it's cute, but I had more exciting ideas.  I just needed one more blue hat, though and it was all I could make work for that.

A girl at work wants a Gonzo.  I don't have a real specific time frame.... but I spent the weekend making up the basic beanie part of some of my projects, so it's started.  Another girl at work has commissioned me to make a zombie hat for a friend of hers.  This is what I'm aiming for:

I have another hat I'm working on just because it's an idea that really excited me.  It probably won't make much sense to anyone who doesn't live in Arkansas, though.  But I think if - when - I start to sell hats, that it would be a good seller to locals.  I'll show it off when I finish it.

I'm working on a hat for my brother-in-law's Christmas present.  I hope it turns out OK... it's a combination of a few things he loves and pretty funky.... a Chicago Bears themed gecko mohawk hat.  You'll have to see it when it's done.  It's actually from a pattern.

Christmas presents for the girls.  Zoe is getting a topsy turvy Cinderella doll.  The kind where you flip the skirt and it looks different.  One side is the princess, one side is the maid.  I am to the skirt part of it, so it shouldn't be long before it's finished.  I'm using a pattern for this.

Isabelle wants a baby for Mr. and Mrs. Hobbes.  If you don't know, two years ago, I made her a Hobbes... from Calvin and Hobbes.  She loves Hobbes, even though she really doesn't know who he is.  Last Christmas, she asked for a friend for Hobbes.  I wanted to make Calvin, naturally, but she informed me it needed to be a GIRL Hobbes.  So Mrs. Hobbes came to be.  Now they're going to have a baby.  I haven't figured out exactly how I'll do this, but I will.

I had found a doll pattern for Olivia.... just a run-of-the-mill doll.  Then I put the movie Arthur and the Invisibles on the other day and she's been obsessed with it ever since.  She told me what she wanted for Christmas was a Selenia doll.  If you've never seen the movie, this is Selenia....

I've only improvised one human amigurimi type doll before, so this should be an experience.   However, this isn't the only improvised human doll I have on tap.... and not the strangest.

I need to make President Grover Cleveland.  This is for a school project for Olivia.  She has a research project and one of the things she needs, for some bizarre reason, is a doll of her chosen President.  So, I thought, why not just crochet it?  Believe it or not, I actually know someone who has a little boy who would love a stuffed President doll, so when the project is graded, I'll send her the doll for her son.

I think that's it.  I think.  I hope.  =)  I have yarn all over the place.... in-progress projects in bags here and there.  It's nuts.  I go from barely crocheting all year to trying to squeeze in a year's worth of work into a few weeks.  I'm a glutton. 

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