Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dead Last.

It's the been wanteda while, huh? I've been super preoccupied lately. We've decided to buy a house and I'm a little obsessed. That should give me plenty to blog about when we get through it all. It's such an exciting, frustrating experience.
Yesterday I completed my 5th half marathon, the RussVegas Half. I was supposed to do it with my sister, but she cut her foot on the beach in Hawaii last week and felt she shouldn't do the half since it wasn't healed. I'm totally jealous of the "on the beach in Hawaii" part. So I went alone, which totally doesn't bother me. I love doing races with my sister but I enjoy them alone, too.
I wanted to try to get to the early start but Russellville is over an hour away and I was lucky to drag myself in at 7:30 am on a Saturday as it was. It didn't take long for me to realize that this time I really was THE last person. I could see the shadow of the motorcycle patrolling the trail of the race as he put -putted along behind me. And it wasn't like I was just a few steps behind the people in front of me either. At one point they were at least 1/4 mile ahead. I pushed so hard to keep a good pace to try to catch up. I couldn't run... I registered as a walker.
But, let me tell you something... last isn't bad. I felt really self conscious at first. Who wants to be last? But I swear, the support thrown your way by the people cheering along the way and at the water stations is like you are a rock star.  Maybe because they are glad they are done once you pass.  Kidding.  I mean, some of them were, but the encouragement felt totally real.
There was a stretch of the course around mile 8 where the racers on mile 11 passed you. This was the best part. By that point, all that pushing I did trying to not be TOO far behind was catching up with me. I was honestly questioning if I could finish. I just didn't feel good. All I could think about was sitting down. My feet were starting to hurt and my back was killing me. Then I came to that stretch. So many runners were yelling encouragement my way. More than I could count went out of their way to high five me. "You've got this!" "You're doing great! " and, the one that probably carried me the rest of the way - "Don't you dare stop!"
Around mile 9, I finally, FINALLY passed someone!  They were early starters, so I felt a little bad about it, especially at being so happy about it.  I was really slowing down though, so I ate a Gu, which someone had passed out a few miles back.  It was vanilla, and tasted like I was squirting icing in my mouth and made me gag.  But it helped a little. Mile 12, I saw this hill approaching and wanted to cry. The course had been really flat. Why must they put the hills toward the end?  I wimpered my way up it and kept dreaming of sitting down.  I was swearing at myself for doing this race. Telling myself I was never, ever doing another one. I was fighting tears. I've never felt so awful at the end of a race.
My time was 3:39.  Not my worst, which surprised me. I got some fluids and an apple in me and felt better. Left, got some lunch and drove home.
I totally am not quitting my halves, don't worry. My Dad thinks I'm crazy after seeing me hobble around today and seeing my blisters. And he's right. I'm Half Crazy!
Plus, I can't quit now.  I just paid my dues for Half Fanatics!!!!! 
Next up:  Soaring Wings 10/25.  Last year's time is my worst time so far and it's a hilly course so I'm just hoping to beat last year's time, not worry about a PR.
Even the King wanted a picture with me LOL


  1. I think you are amazing! I walked 5k in about an hour today and I thought that was tiring. You kept going for three and a half hours. Awesome.

  2. What an encouraging story! I figure, someone has to be last, right? So why feel bad about it? You went out and did it and finished it. Bravo!



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