Friday, August 22, 2014

Laws suck, too, sometimes

Yesterday we had a plan to go get things to prepare for Zio coming home to us. Then I read an article about a group trying to overturn the pit bull ban in our city.

Yeah. A pit bull ban in our city. I totally forgot about that. =(

I spent hours trying to figure a way around it. But it boiled down to this... we could keep her and run the risk of getting caught, at which point they'd take her away and likely euthanize her, or we could find her a home where she would be legal. Running the risk of getting caught just was not an option.

Finding another home, easier said than done. My sister called the humane society, pit rescue organizations... no one would help. They had offers to foster her until they could find a new home, but they really wanted to get her into a permanent home as soon as possible. Finally, my brother-in-law ' s cousin offered to take her. But there was a catch. She lives in Illinois. We're in Arkansas.

They checked into the Liberty Train and another transport organization and it was going to take too long and with one of them, they were going to have to get Zio spayed first. So they are driving her to IL themselves. (The cousin may meet them halfway but I am not positive)

My sister and brother-in-law have THE biggest hearts.  They could have just called animal control that first day and have been done with it.  But the time and energy they've put into this dog is beautiful. Not to mention money... diving to IL isn't cheap. I'm proud they're my people.

By the way, Zio is doing so much better. She's put on some weight, is more active, and today she actually let their dogs near her. Now she's about to go to her new home. Happy ending!

Obviously, the girls were crushed, though. I explained it to them, and they understood, but think it's a stupid law. But it's a life lesson: some rules are dumb, but you still have to obey.

We went to dinner, and in the middle of dinner, I got a message from a friend who found out that we couldn't have Zio.  She asked if we would consider taking in a dog that was dumped where she works that she had been trying to find a home for. I checked with Bill (who is just a big softie and would never say no anyway) and we drove out to see the dog.

The girls fell in love instantly.

He's just a puppy. My friend thinks probably 3 or 4 months old. Do you see how big he is? Still just a puppy. He's going to be huge. I don't mind... I prefer big dogs.

The girls wore him out. We arranged for him to stay one more night at the shop. Picked up some things for him and I went to get him today.

Meet Ollie.

He's not as hyper as I thought he would be. I'm hoping to get him house trained as much as possible before we move. We don't have carpet here, but will in the new house. He's mostly gone near the doors so far, so I think he knows he should go out, we just haven't gotten that far yet.

He's a sweetheart so far. He was so sad when the girls went to bed. He whined for a little bit and then went to lay down, looking like he lost his best friends forever. Imagine how excited he'll be in the morning!

He's curious about Killer, but Killer doesn't want the dog near. She's actually being a big meanie right now and is parked by Ollie ' s food dish and poor Ollie is afraid to get too close. She has hissed, but hasn't swatted. I'm going she'll learn to tolerate him.

We're supposed to close Monday, but it may be delayed a day or two due to people taking their sweet time getting things done. Seriously, don't they know we need to be their priority? ;)

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  1. I cannot believe that there are actual laws like that. Every year the kids have to write a persuasive speech for school (its part of the curriculum) and my daughter chose to write about pit bulls since we have one. We read about proposed laws but I never knew that there were places that actually had them...ugh just makes me sick..if some people spent half as much energy on issues that really mattered rather than silly trivial things the world wouldn't be half as horrible as it is...sorry let me put my soap box away and back to the point. Sucks you had to give up your original dog, but congrats on finding a new one who needs a home as well! and sucky people...they need to get it together!



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