Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I don't like you, February.

Oh, this month has worn me out and it's not even quite over yet.

I had a looooong, whiny post about what an awful month February has been, but I'm not going to go there.  It's been rough, but I'd rather look forward to March.  Because it's going to be a GREAT month.  It has to be.

I will say that I'm having some serious problems with my blood sugar right now.  High enough that my boss was concerned that my doc would hospitalize me, which he did not, but it's high enough to make me pretty miserable.  I can't sleep well, I'm nauseated, and I'm exhausted.  Not just a "oh, I'd like a nap" kind of tired, but the kind where you start to cry when you realize while grocery shopping that you have to move these groceries to the check out, to the car, inside the house, and then put them away, because you're already so tired you'd love to just lay down in the aisle.  And the stress of the kind of damage this could be doing to my body.  Vision damage, nerve damage, kidney damage... it's no joke.  It's safe to say I've been freaked out.  I'm only on day 2 of some new meds, so... fingers crossed... I'll be creeping back to normal and feeling better soon.  If not, I'm probably looking at being put on insulin.  I don't want that.  I was on insulin while pregnant with Zoe and I just never was able to get past being freaked out by the needles.  My doctor has a few oral medications that we're going to play around with before resorting to that, so I'm trying to be hopeful.

We're expecting some snow today.  The kids are out of school.  AGAIN.  They were out 3 days last week, and this is the third day this week.  This is Arkansas, we don't do snow and ice very well.  We don't do snow plows and only major roads get salted.  It's a mess.  We get just enough of a break for the roads to dry so that we can restock the pantry to prepare for the next round.  It's not even been fun.  Last week was all ice, which isn't fun to play in, and by the time the snow actually hit this week, everyone has been too fed up with it to care.

So that's that.  Hopefully I'll have a more upbeat post soon!


  1. I'd love to say I feel your pain (because I do, but in a slightly different way)...been having some issues with my blood sugar too..not as bad as you, but in a "how in the hell is this cup of coffee with FAKE sugar screwing me up so bad?!?" And yes, February sucked...and it kind of dragged on and on...March definitely has to be better. I hope your new meds work (I definitely agree about the needles...they freak me out too!) And sending you some warmer Florida weather...nobody has time for that snow stuff!

  2. I hope you get on top of the blood sugars soon and feel better. Once you start researching the damage it can do it gets really scary, doesn't it?



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