Monday, October 26, 2009

Book 31 - Bag of Bones by Stephen King

Bag of Bones

I adore Stephen King. Some people think he's creepy, and they're right, but he's also a genius.

This book is a bout a writer, Mike Noonan, whose wife dies unexpectedly. In his greif, he finds he has writer's block, and decides to go to their lake house - Sara Laughs, named after an African American singer during the turn of the century. Weird things start happening to him, like hearing screams and the bell around the stuffed moose's neck ringning. He meets a widow, Mattie Devore and her 3 year old daughter Kyra and gets involved in an ugly custody battle between Mattie and her father-in-law. The story is very complicated, but SK works his usual magic and weaves it all together at the end. It is a bit depressing... and quite a bit sexual from time to time... but I didn't find it all that creepy or scary. Actually pretty sweet and lovely at times. I would add it to my list of SK books that I would recommend to people who don't like scary stories... along with Lisey's Story and Rose Madder.

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