Sunday, November 18, 2012

6 Miles

Today I walked 6 miles for my half-marathon training.  On my previous walks, my pedometer app was all wonky, so I downloaded a new one and planned my route ahead of time so that I knew where to turn around even if the new app freaked out on me.  And I discovered that I didn't need an adapter for my earbud jack - my phone takes a normal sized jack - so I could have some tunes!  The trip felt much faster with music. 

I walked 6.2 miles in 1 hour 40 minutes... about a 3.8 mph average.  I was aiming for 4mph, but 3.8 is good, and it's the first time I've walked 6 miles, so I could get up to 4 mph in the next week or two.


It was a perfect day for a walk.  The temperature was just right.  That's one of the things about Arkansas that I love.  Even in November, you have nice days where you can wear short sleeves.  =)


The girls had messed with my filters on my camera, so I ended up with a few pictures like this.  Looks creepy.  My route took me over the Big Dam Bridge.  We have a very large trail called the River Trail here... it's 17 miles (I think)... and my route was along that.  It was so pretty.  I think one day I'd like to walk the entire trail.  It would take alllllll day. 

Unfortunately, I think I hurt my foot.  I mean, it's hurt, but I'm hoping it's nothing serious and I'll be fine in the morning.  Almost as soon as I finished my walk and hit the parking lot, there was a pain in my right foot and it's still pretty painful.  I hope I didn't do anything that will keep me from walking.  We will have to see.

In other news, my kids watched Brave this weekend.


I got back from my walk to see that Isabelle  had fashioned a bow out of a stick and duct tape.  It looks really good.  I'm just glad she didn't make any arrows.  And Mr. Bill was changing the brakes on the Old Man Truck... he doesn't just run around wearing latex gloves.  (Although I wouldn't be surprised if he started to one day.  He's getting more and more OCD as he gets older)

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