Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Color Run

A few months ago, I started a board on Pinterest for my "Fitness Bucket List".  It's mainly fun races and workout programs that are pretty much out of my league just yet.  One of the first things I pinned was The Color Run.  What's The Color Run?  Here's a video...

Shortly after that, a friend of mine posted on facebook that she was going to do it and was looking for people to do it with her.  I mentioned that I'd love to, but I would probably wait until I could actually run it (she's a runner).  She said she'd walk with me if I did it... and that was all it took.  We gathered up a small group and signed up.

It was the first year they've held it in Little Rock, and from what I can tell, the first time any kind of fun race like that has been here.  I hope it's the start of more of these things coming our way, though.  There are a few I'd love to do, and I'd really rather not travel to do it.

So, here are the pics...

My little sister and her husband.  My sister's friend was with us, too, but I'm really weird about taking pictures of people I don't know very well, so I didn't end up with many of her. 

My friend's friend, my friend (she was one of my best friends in junior high and we hadn't seen each other in probably 20 years!), and - of course - me.

Every kilometer is marked with a different colored station, where you are pelted with a color powder.  I thought it was so funny how the workers were covered head to toe.  The blue was actually kind of difficult to wash off, too, so I imagine that poor woman was blue for a few days.

The powder was everywhere.... on buildings, cars.  My sister wrote that.  Cracked me up.  One of the funniest things, that I didn't get a picture of, was when we passed a police officer who had obviously been hugged by a runner.

In our race packets, there was a little pack of the color powder.  You could also buy extra packs.  At the end of the race, every 15 minutes, they do a huge color throw.  We didn't feel like waiting or getting into the huge crowd, so we did our own little color throw.

It was pretty fun.  =)

Me and my sister, afterwards.  Unfortunately, even following their directions on how to keep the most color in  your shirt, most of my color washed out.  =(  And yes, the powder got in our teeth.  My brother-in-law's tongue was blue.  We blew blue snot for a couple of days, too.  I'm sure you REALLY needed to know that, but I got texts twice about it, so it was definitely newsworthy at the time.  LOL

It was definitely a great time.  It was a family-friendly race, but I didn't take the girls.  It's kind of expensive and Olivia and Isabelle are old enough that I'd have to register them.  But I'm going to set aside some money to be able to take them next year. 

I've been planning more 5Ks coming up and I'm going to try to take them on as many as I can.  That's the plan anyway.  Zoe hates walking, so we'll have to see how she fairs.  3.1 miles is a long distance for their short legs.  But I really want them to be involved, too, and most of them are charity walks and it will be a good lesson for them, as well.

Have I mentioned my crazy goal of walking a half-marathon in March?  I can't remember.  I've already started training for it.  Tomorrow I'm doing my first 6 mile walk.  I don't think I've ever walked 6 miles at once, so it will be a good learning experience.  I normally walk about 4mph... which is good.  I have to be able to complete 13.1 miles in 4 hours, so 4mph is a good pace.  Tomorrow I'll see if I can keep that pace for longer than an hour.  6 miles should take me 90 minutes at that pace.  Now if only I could find my MP3 player....

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