Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why does it have to end?

I took this week off of work.  We didn't go on vacation or anything, I just needed a break.  I had these grandiose plans of purging the house, getting it all clean and sparkly and organized.

Well, my bathroom is clean.  Mostly.  And you can see more of my bedroom floor.  That's about it.

Monday, I spent the day with my husband.  We don't ever get time alone, but all the girls were in school, and it's the one day he's good and awake during the day, so we ran around, had lunch, and just spent time together.


I promise he enjoyed himself more than the picture lets on.  He was distracted by a bag of turkey jerky.  And can I just say that turkey jerky smells horrible?  He opened it up in the van and I almost had to pull over and let the two of them walk home together.

Tuesday, I needed to get my 8 mile walk in.  I kept putting it off, and just had to get it done.  I was nervous, because my last 8 mile attempt didn't go so well.  But it was a gorgeous morning....


... and my ankle didn't give me problems at all.  I even had a slightly better time than normal.  3.8mph instead of 3.7.  =)

Wednesday, I finally got to spend the day cleaning.  Not that you can really tell, but I felt like I busted my butt all day.  As a reward, this came...


It's time to begin the Sock Monkey blanket!  I'm pretty much making this up as I go, so let's hope it goes well.

Then today was a total bust.  The girls had an awards assembly this morning.

Olivia got Principal's Honor Roll (all A's), Accelerated Reader, and Citizenship
Isabelle got AB Honor Roll and Citizenship

I didn't get home until after 10am, and it's been really dreary and rainy... I've been stressing out over things.... and I just took a nap.  A long nap.  I woke up in time to eat lunch and go pick up the kids. 

The main thing I've been stressing over is the whole going Paleo thing.  We start it on Sunday and I've been trying to prepare for it.  And then I started second-guessing, and worrying, and fretting.  I finally had my breakthrough (breakdown is probably more like it) and I'm feeling better about it again.  It's just such a huge change. 

Tomorrow is Mommy & Dodo day.  She doesn't have school on Friday, but the other two do, so we'll have some time alone.  She's the only one I ever do get time alone with.... I need to work on that.

So, I didn't get everything done that I wanted to.  Much of any of it, to be honest.  I could seriously take another week off.  Or two.  Or just never go back.  I'd rather not.  People always tell me I would get so bored being a stay at home mom.  But I don't see how I could.  I haven't even watched one minute of TV all week.  Obviously I can keep myself busy. =)  Alas... it is not in the cards for now....

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