Friday, January 18, 2013

Almost a week in

Did I mention that I'm doing a Biggest Loser competition with my sister, her friend, and a bunch of people I don't know?  Well, I am.  Last Friday was our starting weigh in.  I was 250.4, which is up from where I was a month ago.  I got a new scale for the house because I never trusted the old one and I felt weird weighing at work.  So I get decimals now!

We started eating Paleo (or Primal... I don't really know the difference, I think it's just semantics) on Monday and this week hasn't been as rough as I had anticipated.  Yes, I've been really cranky on occasion.  Yes, I've been kind of tired.  But not as bad as I thought.  And it's not been that difficult to stick to.  The girls are still mad about it.  They feel like I'm starving them because they want cookies and chicken nuggets and cereal.  They'll adjust.  But I haven't had any big cravings or felt like I was going to kill someone over a cookie or anything.  I have felt like killing people, but it had nothing to do with cookies.

The worst parts are #1 - black coffee and #2 - I have to pee all the time.  I will either learn to like coffee without sugar and creamer or I'll just give it up, so that's not that big of a deal.  And the bathroom breaks are just my body letting go of water weight since I've drastically reduced my sodium intake (processed foods have tons of sodium) and that will level off.  Soon, I hope.

The best part....  my weigh in this morning.  245.2.  I know most of that is water weight, and I don't expect such a huge loss all the time, but you better believe I'm stoked about it.  I haven't been able to get past my 20 lb mark since I hit it, so I'm very happy to be almost 22 lbs down now.

I'm currently in 2nd place in our Biggest Loser competition!  Of course, it's winner take all, so 2nd is no better than last competition-wise, but it works for bragging rights.  =)

I am in the process of making a little motivation board, and I have part of it up.  I was really happy to get to use it this morning...


There are 50 clothes pins total (and they're so teeny tiny and cute!)... 50 lbs gets me to my goal for my birthday of hitting 200 (actually it's below 200, but the package only had 50 pins).  I'll still have about 50 more pounds to go, give or take depending on how I feel when I get closer to that.

So, things are going well, and hopefully will just keep getting better.  I haven't touched a hook all week, which is a bummer, but the living room has been a wreck and I just haven't even wanted to deal with it.  Tomorrow I'll get it straightened up and hopefully find some time to sit back and work on something.


  1. That clothing pin idea is great!

  2. what a neat way to peg your weight loss, let your line get heavy and not you!

  3. I love the clothes pin idea for tracking weight loss!



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