Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Currently 9/15

I'm slacking on blogging again...  

Currently reading:  Lighten Up by Peter Walsh.  Haven't been in much of a reading mood.  I let my Odd Thomas ebook from the library expire before I finished it and I have a Neil Gaiman book half-read.   

Current music:  Hair bands.  I'm in a total 80's/90's throwback mood.  I listened to Skid Row the entire 3 hours I was walking today.  Monster Ballads all week.  Firehouse.  I can't help it.  Guys with long hair are just hot.

Current guilty pleasure:  The TV.  I've watched so much TV this week it's pathetic.  BUT I make myself walk in place while I watch, so I don't feel too bad about skipping workouts for it.

Current drink:  Usually water, but today I'm indulging in a Diet Dr. Pepper.

Current food:  Chicken salad with craisins in it.  Holy moly, why didn't I try this long ago?

Current favorite TV show:  I was watching Orange is the New Black all week.  Finished it and I'm off TV for a while, I hope.

Current wish list:  A new employee at work.  Our new girl quit this week.  It's been hectic...

Current needs:  New shoes

It appears that I have walked the soles off my shoes.  These didn't even last 6 months, which is a total bummer since they cost me $120.  

Current blessing:  A gorgeous cool day.  It was 56 when I got to the BDB this morning to do my long distance walk.  I was chilly =)

Current outfit:  Black workout pants, a "Yoga Girls are Twisted" tshirt, and yellow Color Run socks

Current excitement:  Eye doctor appointment on Tuesday.  I have hated my glasses since the day I got them two years ago and I am ready to ditch them.  I'm even thinking about going the contact route.  I haven't worn contacts in close to 10 years.... they dried my eyes out so much I couldn't stand it.  Surely, in 10 years' time they've improved them.


Things are fine here.... just trying to keep my head on straight with the craziness at work and all that jazz.  My long-distance walk was 11 miles today, so that means the half-marathon is creeping up!  I only have three more super long walks before tapering for 2 weeks.

We're going camping next weekend, so if I don't find something interesting to say before then, I should have some pictures for you at least!  Our 11 year anniversary is Saturday.  =)  And yes, to celebrate, we're renting an RV at a park and camping - with the kids.  Romantic, no?

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  1. Ha, I love TV and I'm not even ashamed :P

    Also, I am SO impressed with your 11 mile walk, I could never do that! I run half marathons and half my motivation for running as fast as I can (if not more)is just to get it over! I could never commit to walking for so many hours!


  2. I love chicken salad with craisins! We have a HUGE bag of craisins, so I've been substituting them for any kind of recipe that calls for raisins. So good!

    I wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Check out my post for details. Reading your posts always brightens my day!



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