Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I am overwhelmed right now.

We're having like some mass exodus at work.  It's only 2 people, but there are only 3 of us.  I guess you know who's left....

We're going camping Friday and I have done nothing to get us ready.  I have to shop and pack tomorrow afternoon/evening.  Because I may have to go into work some on Friday despite the fact that I've had it scheduled off for months.  I've been told to just not worry about it, but really... who else is going to?

My house is a wreck.

Being gone all weekend means no laundry gets done.

I won't get to go grocery shopping for the week.

How relaxing is camping going to be with all that waiting on me when we get home?  How relaxing is camping anyway?  Ugh.

When do I get to do my 11.5 mile walk?

When can I go buy new shoes so that my 11.5 mile walk doesn't leave me limping for days?



  1. Sounds a bit frantic. So are they hiring anyone else, hopefully in the near future?

    1. Yes, but that's always stressful in itself, plus training. And my boss doesn't like to pay well, so we don't get really quality people....



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