Monday, March 3, 2014

13.1 x 13

I decided I needed a good goal to keep me moving. A good long term goal. This is my plan....

I turn the big 40 on 2015.  I have decided I want to have 13 half marathon medals by then. I have 3 now and that gives me 21 months to find and complete 10 more. It will keep me in constant training mode pretty much.  The hardest part is coming up with 10 more without adding too much travel expense.

I said my next half is 4/26, but that has changed. It's actually going to be 4/5 at the Bentonville Running Festival. I have a friend that lives there that I don't see enough, so it's the perfect excuse to go visit. And she had kids around my kids ages so they can come along too. I will have the cutest cheering section at the finish line with 5 kids under 10 =)

And another exciting aspect of adding in the Bentonville half is that after RussVegas on 4/26, I will qualify for Half Fanatics!  I would love to be out on the race course rocking a HF jersey. =)

I have a REALLY crazy goal marinating for after this is completed. And I do mean crazy. My sister was telling me about a co-worker of hers whose wife WALKS the FULL marathon. She's won the walking division a few times, in fact (which implies that she may not be the only walker doing the full). I'm just in awe of her. So maybe, MAYBE, I may celebrate turning 40 by walking the full Little Rock Marathon in 2016.  Maybe =)

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