Friday, April 17, 2015


My mother is doing much, much better. She was moved to rehab a few days ago, and will probably be there until later next week. They are working with her to build her strength back up. She's been in very good spirits.  She did tell my sister that she thinks she just gave up in the beginning, but as much as she really misses my Dad, she knows she's going to be OK.

As she got better and I didn't have to be consumed with worry about her, I've actually had to, you know, deal with other emotions. I've had so much support though. I really don't think I could have handled everything if I didn't have so many people rooting me on. And my little sister.... she's had to take on much more than I have. With our odd schedules and the girls, there just sometimes isn't time for me to do what I feel is my fair share, but she has taken care of things and never complained.

While we are waiting for my Mom to be released, we're working on finding her a place closer to us. My parents have been living in a retirement community about an hour's drive away.  My Mom wants to move up here and be closer, and we certainly want that as well. My parents originally moved to Hot Springs to be close to my Grandpa, but he passed a few years ago.  They had actually been discussing moving back to Little Rock.  They just hadn't gotten around to it.

My Mom wants to live in a similar place when she moves up here, so my sister and I are going to check a few out to speed things up. We toured one today. It was really nice. The retirement communities are so great. You have an apartment, they provide meals for you in the dining room, they have all sorts of activities, housekeeping, utilities included.... I was always so happy to know my parents were happy and busy in Hot Springs. We definitely want to make sure she has that here.

I keep finding myself thinking that it will be nice for things to get back to normal. But I have to remind myself that "normal" is going to be evolving for a while. My Mom won't expect us to revolve our lives around her, but she will become more of a part of our daily lives. I'm a little sad we didn't make this happen while my Dad was still alive. I wish we all had had more time together.  But, as my Mom says, if wishes were horses, we all would ride....

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