Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just some thoughts

So, I'm thinking when I finish reading a book that I'm going to write a little book report on my blog. I have a HORRIBLE habit of forgetting books and maybe this will help me remember them a little bit. Right now I'm struggling through The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry. I'm having a hard time with it so far. It's very dark, set in Ireland so there is a culture barrier for me to overcome, and there just hasn't been much dialogue so far. I'm hoping it will pick up and soon. It's due back at the library on Tuesday, and to be honest, I may not renew it if I don't finish it. I hardly ever put a book down without the intention of finishing it.

I'm also considering ordering some new workout DVDs. I had Yoga Booty Ballet and I loved them. I really looked forward to doing them. But my children have a bad habit of destroying DVDs and my husband has a bad habit of not controlling the children.. so I think I might have one left and it was a little too advanced last time I tried it. Plus, I'm trying to get him involved in my quest for a healthier life and he is not going to do Yoga Booty Ballet. I've been looking at Turbo Jam and Power 90. Power 90 may be a bit much for me. I think it's a baby P90X and while I would love to be able to move my body like that - I'd either drop dead or seriously injure myself. I'm nowhere near ready for anything like it. I think my husband would be more likely to do Power 90... but since he's still acting like I'm calling him a fat ass for suggesting it, I might go with Turbo Jam.

Since starting my meds, I'm definitely able to focus more on accomplishing things. A month ago there would be no way I could commit to any kind of workout program like that, but I think I'm ready. I wish Bill would do it with me, give me a partner - but maybe I'll figure something else out.

I have a lot of other ideas floating around, taking shape. I'm pretty excited. I don't want to give a final verdict on the Lexapro until I've been on it a month. I know when I gave in and went to the doctor, it was during my week of PMS where I'm at my worst anyway. I used to think people blaming stuff on PMS was a bunch of hooey, but since having Zoe I can't deny that I have pretty bad moodiness and it's gotten worse month by month. So I am anxious to see if this month is a little better. But today is 2 weeks on them and I think it's going pretty well.

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  1. I think these 3rd children are out to sabatoge us. I've been a loony toon since Munch too. As for the working out? I'm so far off that wagon I'm not even choking on dust anymore which bums me out but I'm not at the point of doing anything but pouting. I should probably get over that, huh? How are we doing on the smoking? Or have we been past that for a while?



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