Saturday, November 21, 2009

Coming soon to a wall near me...

We went camping last weekend, and one of my objectives was to get fall pictures of everyone. Including a family portrait. I don't use photo studios. I take all the pictures of my kids and I either tripod the family portraits or have my sister take it. So, here are the pictures that will soon be showing up on my wall.

Our family portrait! This will also be our Christmas card photo this year. Much nicer than the crazy Easter family portrait we got. LOL

Olivia - age 5. Sometimes she is so cooperative and makes such a good little model.

My girls. Olivia (5), Zoe (22 m), Isabelle (3 1/2). I can't get anything remotely formal looking of the three of them and I think that's the best thing about all the shots I get of them. They are totally "them."

Isabelle - 3 1/2 years old. This was literally the only shot she would sit still for.

Zoe - 22 months. Hers are usually pretty candid too.


  1. Fantastic pictures ! Love your family portrait ! I'm so happy for you ! I know how hard it is !!!!! lol
    I really love Olivia's pose against the tree ! Beautiful ! sooooooo, how did the camping experience go???

  2. Love the last one of Zoe, that's such an inquisitive expression. Candid pics are always my favourites.



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