Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What's Up?

This post is a little random... a little of this, a little of that.

I thought I'd update you on my parents.  They've gotten moved into a new apartment and I actually think they had fun shopping for furniture and things.  And you know what?  They totally should.  I think if you go through something as tragic as losing just about everything you own, you deserve some enjoyment in at least some part of the rebuilding.

Speaking of building... I got to partake in a lot of assembly for them Sunday


They forgot to buy a hammer, so I made do with what was on hand.  Stuff like that drives my husband batty.  Obviously, he doesn't believe in multitasking tools (and his Snap On account is a good testament to that.  Ugh!).  I, on the other hand, am not above using a plastic dress-up shoe to hammer nails into the wall.  We women, we're just resourceful like that.

For those who have asked, my parents have been so blessed with help that they've started asking people to donate to the Red Cross if they really feel the need to help out.  They're doing really well and don't have much that they need.  I'm still planning on doing something with donated granny squares, if you are interested.  Email me if you are.

After telling my father he was absolutely NOT paying me to assemble stuff, we agreed on going out to eat at a local Mexican restaurant.  You never know when you'll find inspiration, and that day I found inspiration in the restroom.  Look at this...


Isn't that gorgeous?  Broken mirrors and ceramic pieces.  So gorgeous.  After leaving the restroom, I noticed they had mosaics all over the place.


So cool.

My Rose Field blanket is growing...

It's grown more since this picture, but I'm too lazy to go take another ;)

I have to admit that making rosette after rosette got to be a little monotonous, so I added a second project.


It's the Vintage Crocheted Blanket pattern I've been coveting for about a year.  And if you think that mine doesn't quite look right, you'd be correct.  I didn't pay attention to the hook size and just grabbed my old standby, H.  It's too big, but I decided I like the lacy look of it this way.  I fully intend to make it properly eventually, but I'm going to keep going on this one.  I might give it to my mom as well, or keep it, or maybe it'll be a baby blanket - there are 3 pregnant girls at work.  I really enjoy this pattern.  I've never made a real ripple pattern blanket (just a band to a dress)  and I totally get the appeal of it.  Yes, it's monotonous, but in a simple, relaxed way.  The Rose Field blanket is kind of monotonous in a slightly tedious way.  But I love it too. 

So that's that.  Have a great week!

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