Sunday, July 1, 2012

A different kind of Family Day...

I spent today, not with my little family here, but with my parents, sister, and brother-in-law.  I was given a difficult task... taking photos.  Normally taking pictures is a joy, but this was not something inspiring or beautiful.

View from front door.

This was tragic.

Thursday evening, my parents heard banging on their door.  Their neighbor started telling them the roof on Apartment B was on fire (they're in Apartment E) and they needed to get out immediately.  We're in the midst of a terrible heat wave and drought, so the fire was bound to spread quickly.


They gathered up their medications and dog and went to my grandfather's apartment.  They had no home to return to that night.  Six apartments were destroyed, A through F.  No one was hurt.


I have been so worried about how my parents would cope with this... losing practically everything.  But God has protected them, provided for them, and blessed them.  They are in good spirits and just want to get settled in a new home as soon as possible.  They only lost THINGS.   Things are not that important.

Stuffed dog

They had renter's insurance, so they'll be able to replace everything.  If you rent, and don't have insurance, get it.  Right now.  It's inexpensive, so you have NO excuse.

Granny Violet

It was so scary to walk into what used to be their bedroom and find nothing but ashes where their bed used to be.  All the "what ifs" that run through your head.  I tried very hard to disconnect myself.

China Doll head

But my parents are safe.  They already have a new apartment secured and are just waiting to get to move into it.

Afghan remains

After sorting through things, rescuing precious little, but happily including photo albums, we went to lunch and just enjoyed being together.  Then we visited my grandfather and I was finally able to do something I've been meaning to do for a few years... photograph his wood carving collection.  I'll post about that soon. 

I've ordered some replacement photos for them and am already planning an afghan.  I asked my mom if she wanted me to replicate one of the old afghans that were lost (even the ugly brown/orange one that had me hating ripples for so long) but I think we're going in another direction.  I'm pretty excited. I've been so creatively stumped lately.... I guess I just needed a really good reason to make something.

They say everything happens for a reason.  And we might never know fully why something so awful had to happen to my parents, but I do know that it's shown me how much people love my parents.  How strong they are.  How there are some things just too coincidental not to be a miracle.  Things were lost, but a little more faith was definitely found.


  1. I'm so sorry about your parents' apartment. I'm really glad they're ok though! Like you said they're just things but it's still hard. I've been really worried about fireworks this year too, Kansas has been really dry and windy. Glad you guys got to spend time together though, just wish it was different circumstances.

  2. Oh, Jen! I'm so sorry. I've lived through a devastating fire, so I understand the feelings about "just things" and being happy to be alive.

    If you need any help creating new blankets or pillows or anything for them, please let me know. I've been in a bit of a slump lately, too, but this would be something I would gladly do!

  3. Oh my, what a tragedy. But indeed, thank God that no one got hurt and that your parents lost only their posessions and nothing else!
    And like the commenter above me said, if your parents need anything like potholders, coasters and/or blankets, let me know! :)



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