Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Confession Time...

I have to make a confession.  As a crafty-sort of mom, I'm sad to say this... but I must...

I bought the girls' Halloween costumes this year.

Oh, the horror!

Actually, it was pretty horrible.  From dishing out the moolah, to realizing what pieces of trash I dished out all that moolah for.  It's crazy.  I could have made some pretty kickin' costumes for that dough.

But I was too lazy.  Too uninspired.  Too busy.

They didn't care, so whatever.  I still have to show them off, because they're still cute.  =)

Trick or Treat!!

Mermaid (not sure what she's doing here....)

Her fish face

Fairy in cowboy boots and upside down wings...

She was not into pictures

My Cheerleader

Definitely into pictures.

Copy cat LOL

Improved Fish Face  (damn, she's gorgeous)

My imp-girl who needs to remember she's 8, not 16.

So, in other news... I'm down 25 lbs as of today.  I had hit a plateau, a very frustrating plateau.  But I busted that plateau out of the water and I'll tell you how.  I don't recommend it.  It's called.... STREP.

Good grief, I wanted to DIE.  I lost 10 lbs in like 3 days.  Seriously.  It was awful.  Running a fever for 36 hours burns some serious calories that not being able to eat wasn't replenishing.

I woke up Sunday feeling OK, except for a scratcy throat, but everyone at work has been sniffling and snotting everywhere.  I figured it was just my turn.  We were going to go to my parents' house, so I took a shower and was nagging Bill to get ready to go.  I layed down on the bed to read and after a while thought, "I don't really feel that great."  Bill ended up getting called into work and I decided we'd stay home since I was starting to feel icky and didn't want to take my germs to my parents' house.  By the time I put the kids to bed, I was wallowing on the couch with fever.  Woke up in the middle of the night with my throat on fire.

My throat caused my doctor to say "Oh, God!  I'm not even swabbing that!"

A little advice... if your doctor ever prescribes a lidocaine rinse for your streppy throat, just leave it at the pharmacy.  Go get some Milk of Magnesia instead.  The lidocaine rinse is super thick and gagged me so bad I actually threw up - which you don't EVER want to do with a streppy throat.  Just trust me there, OK?  Gargle the MoM, it numbs you up a bit without gagging you.  Tastes better, too.

I'm feeling almost human today... I was able to work half a day, take a nap, and do Halloween.  I might feel almost normal tomorrow.  Hopefully.  I'm still having trouble eating.  Not because of my throat (not that it's all better, just a little better), I just have no appetite and everything tastes terrible.


That's about it.  Hope you had a fun, fabulous Halloween!


  1. Aw, looks like you guys had fun anyways. Get lots of candy? I hope you're feeling better now or at least getting close!

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better! Our youngest had strep throat over Halloween...seriously no fun! Your girls look so cute in their costumes!



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