Monday, February 4, 2013

Around and around and around...

If you haven't figured it out yet, if I'm not blogging, it usually means I'm keeping on track with my workouts.  If I have time to blog, I didn't work out.  =)  Today is a rest day, since I walked 10 miles yesterday. 


I was feeling a little pressed for time, so instead of my normal trails, I opted for the high school track because it was much closer.  I haven't walked long distance on the track.... you can do the math.  1/4 mile track.  10 miles.  That's 40 laps.  Well, actually, it was 38 because I kept switching lanes and the outer lanes are obviously longer.  It was daunting, to say the least.  I thought it would be so boring that I wouldn't be able to finish, but it wasn't bad at all.  Yeah, no change in scenery, but my pace was faster and I didn't have to carry my water bottle and hoodie when I got hot.


Next weekend is a 12 mile walk.  The half-marathon is in less than a month!  March 3rd.  A while back, I took the next day off of work, thinking I'd be just a sore mess after the marathon, but I don't get sore anymore.  I may still take the day off anyway, just as a reward =)

I've lost a total of 23 lbs so far.  6 for this year's goal of 50.  Eating mostly Paleo.  The weekends tend to get me.... it requires so much prep and cooking and when I have a busy weekend, things go off track.  But I feel like my body is changing a lot lately.  I plan on taking measurements tomorrow, maybe pictures (sorry, not gonna share... not ready for THAT).

And, in other news...

I'm working on an afghan for Isabelle.  My original plan was really elaborate.  Sock monkey theme with Tunisian crochet color work.  I got into it and realized pretty quickly that I was going to HATE working on it.  It was just too much.  So, since this is for Isabelle and she loves granny squares, I'm making a giant granny square afghan in sock money colors.  She's loving it so far.  I'm going to make the square until it's wide enough and then add stripes to the top and bottom until it's long enough. 


I had planned on adding 30 roses to my Rose Field throw in January and I think I managed 6.  Crocheting and blogging both suffer when I am working out regularly!

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