Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I'm not trying to be a slacker....

(whiner post.. you've been warned)
Sorry for the lack of anything lately.  I feel like that's my theme saying lately, all across the board in my life.  Things are just crazy at work and it's taking most of my mental capacity lately.  

We have what seems like a revolving door for the other two positions in my office.  3 weeks ago, our new scheduler left, then the next week the insurance girl left (while my boss was on vacation).  We had a new insurance girl start yesterday and she's already told us she won't be keeping the job, but she's willing to work part time to help out until we find a replacement.  We interviewed and hired a new scheduler today... only to find out that we can't hire her after all because she is ineligible for rehire at other jobs due to some drug issues.  Lord.  Drugs are bad...  mmmkay?

So, yeah... work is kicking my butt.  

I started taking Holy Basil this past weekend, though.  It's supposed to help your body deal with stress and fatigue and depression and anxiety.  Pretty much my life at the moment.  I do feel a lot better today, so maybe it working.  Only time will tell.

Olivia turns 9 on Sunday, so we're supposed to be having a "playdate" at the park with her friends... my solution to not having the time, energy, or desire to throw an actual party.  Come play, eat some cake, go away.  

My sister and I are going to a Bon Jovi concert in a few weeks.  Pretty stoked about that... mostly the getting out for a kid-free evening with my sister more than anything.  I like Bon Jovi, but I think I'd go sit in an elevator and listen to Musak for a few hours if it meant getting a night "off."

My half-marathon is in less than 4 weeks.  I've missed my last two long walks.... not good.  Hopefully when I get back to it on Sunday it won't be too painful.  I should have my new shoes by then, though.  

School is driving me batty... I have one kid who refuses to read and one who loves to read but is getting a D in reading at the moment.  And I'm getting really concerned about Zoe's weight.  So I'm trying to figure out how to balance homework, housework, getting the kids more active (can't just single Zoe out....), fighting over everything under the sun.... 

I may need to up my Holy Basil dosage.

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  1. Sounds tough. And tricky to know what to do about Zoe. 'Cause you need her to lose weight but at the same time don't want her to be depressed or obsessive about the whole weight thing. Sorry I don't have any advice other than the usual thing making changes for the whole family, not just her, which is what you are planning anyway. My 9 yr old isn't at all overweight but neither was I at that age - porked up a bit at puberty. We were/are both very food focused which is a concern and I don't know how you deal with that. I don't think telling a little girl (or anyone) "stop thinking about food so much" is going to work! Good luck.



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