Friday, December 5, 2014

Approaching the top

Since 40 is "over the hill", I guess my turning 39 tomorrow means I'm approaching the top of the hill?

I'll admit it, turning 40 actually does freak me out a bit.  Maybe I'll get over that during the next year.  I doubt it, but maybe.

I have a weird thing for wanting to have a theme for the year, so I'm dubbing this next year The Year of Gratitude.  I'm going to go get a cute little journal and come up with 1-3 things every day to put in there.  I'll try to remember to share with you.  This past year has been very chaotic, so I'd like to go into this year with a fresh attitude, and that needs to start with gratitude.  I want to focus on happiness and being satisfied with the here and now.

I also need to focus on my health, taking care of myself so that 40 isn't really my "over the hill" moment.  I want to keep going up. 

I'm thinking of making a 40 before 40 goal list.  I bombed on my 37 list, but I think I need some goals for my last year as a "thirtysomething."

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