Thursday, December 18, 2014

Isn't he cute?

Tonight I get a night off! I used to play a game with some friends of mine called Pokeno, but once the girls came along and Bill started working nights, I couldn't play anymore.  But at Christmas time, my brother-in-law offers to watch the girls so I can go play.  We do a Dirty Santa gift exchange, which is always a lot of fun. I have gotten a lot of really cute Christmas decorations from my Pokeno group.

This year, I decided to make something instead of buying something.  I had seen a Pin for a similar little elf and figured I could whip one up without a pattern (because the pattern for the Pin was not in English and crochet patterns rarely translate well).  I think he turned out really cute.


I got a little crafty with my presents for Bill's side of the family.  I had mentioned a few weeks ago that I was having Chocolate Gravy for breakfast and not a single one of them had ever heard of it.  It's a Southern thing, and they're all Yankees.... but it's soooo good.  (Not really good FOR you... you're basically eating warm chocolate pudding for breakfast)  So I decided to give them a taste.  I mixed up all the dry ingredients and put it in a mason jar.  Then I slapped a label on with directions and sent them off on Tuesday.  I can't wait to find out how they like it.



  1. What is Dirty Santa? I was guessing an X rated Secret Santa, like you all give each other dildos or something, but your elf doesn't seem to be X rated. Unless that isn't his nose.

    1. Dirty Santa is where everyone brings a gift. Then everyone takes turns picking a gift. You can unwrap a gift or take one from someone else. That's why it's "dirty", because you can steal. =)

    2. Oh I have heard of that. A friend's son, who was about six, chose near the start and then everyone kept stealing his over and over until he ended with the worst present. Not an arrangement suitable for children, perhaps.

    3. Yeah, when I told Isabelle about the game, she said "but that's mean!" =) And we've had grown women who get really offended if you take a gift they like. You definitely have to have the right kind of people involved for it to be fun. I told the lady who won him about your comment about "unless that isn't his nose." She was so tickled, she named him No Nose.



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