Wednesday, January 27, 2016

This and that...

This coming Saturday I'm going on a retreat with a group of women.  I really don't care about any of the activities involved.  I'm just looking forward to sleeping on a bed without a big dog who has recently decided the exact middle of the bed is his. 


Every Sunday, we go see my Mom.  We usually go out to eat afterwards.  This week we went to a restaurant I haven't been to in many years.  They had several TVs around, and since this isn't a sports-themed place, they were tuned to 60 Minutes.  I don't watch a lot of TV and what little I watch is rarely news related in any way.  So the fact that I was actually in a position to see a TV with this program on is unusual.  They were talking about the Make A Wish foundation, and I see this boy on the screen and think, "I know that kid." 

I'm not sure that I ever talked about it on my blog, but last year I got involved with an organization that makes crocheted dolls for sick children.  I only made 2 dolls for them.... it was right before my father passed away and, to be honest, I still haven't really gotten my crochet mojo back since then so I've been on their hiatus list since.  But, in order to become one of their doll maker, you had to "audition" - make a doll for a kid you know and submit the photos to them.  I had asked friends if they knew of any sick kids I could make a doll for and a girl I went to high school with knew a little boy with leukemia.  I got his information and pictures and made him a little look-alike doll. 

It was that same little boy on screen.  I had a feeling the episode wasn't brand new, so I wondered how he was doing.

I debated messaging my friend to ask about the little boy.  He had been very sick last year when I made his doll, so I was afraid what news I would get back.  But I had to know.

The episode first aired in October.  The little boy had passed away before the episode aired.  I hate that.  As a human being, it just makes me so sad, and as a mother - it's terrifying.  I hope the doll I made gave him a little comfort in his last months and I hope his mother finds some comfort in it now. 


I've mentioned that homeschooling Isabelle is exhausting, right?


I adore my child.  But I feel like we're in a 3 legged race and we're not really in sync here. Most days we end up on our faces.  And she'd rather have a tantrum than help me get us back on our feet. 

They emphasized when giving me information about the online school that "this is NOT homeschool", it's online learning.  I am not her teacher, I am her Learning Coach.  She has a teacher through the school. They pointed out that I would be very involved, but I still felt like it would be minimal in comparison to "homeschool."

Yes, she has a teacher through the school. A teacher I have spoken to one time and Isabelle has literally NEVER talked to.  3 1/2 weeks in and no actual "class".  Nothing.  Nada.  It's all been me.  Homeschoolers use a curriculum as a guide to teach their children.  I see absolutely no difference so far between what I'm doing (using the K12 curriculum) and a homeschool.  It's a bit frustrating.  A bit?  A lot.



February 1..... I'm going to start DDP Yoga. 

I have a very good friend who is a yoga instructor.  She posted a motivational video a few weeks ago and I don't think she realized it was from DDP Yoga, but when we got to talking about it we discovered it.  Depending on your age and interests, you might recognize the initials DDP from wrestling.  Diamond Dallas Page.  Yes, yoga from a wrestler.  (I've never been a wrestling fan, but I've known enough of them to know who DDP is)  We were intrigued.  He has several very impressive transformation videos... you probably have seen the one about a disabled vet who was very overweight, and had to have assistance to even walk.  The video shows him falling over time and time again working out, but persisting over the course of a year.  He lost serious weight and could do a handstand and even run. The funny thing is, it's not a screaming advertisement for the program... it's really subtle.  I've seen that video for probably a few years and never caught on to what program he used.  It's just a very motivational and inspirational video.

I know a lot of people get all pumped up watching stuff like that and impulse buy the product thinking they're going to get immediate and drastic results.  I made myself wait and think about it for a while.  I like yoga.  I used to do it all the time, but all my workouts were on Youtube and my internet connection at home prevents me from being able to do that now.  I think with some of the issues I've been having with my back could be greatly helped with yoga, and time and money make going to an actual yoga studio difficult right now.  This seemed like an interesting alternative.  So, after thinking about it and doing a little research, I decided to order it.

 I've promised to let my friend know what I think about it, so hopefully that will keep me on track.  It's a 13 week program, and there are actually 3 levels, so you could follow the program for 39 weeks total.  The workouts aren't excessively long either, so it will be easier to squeeze into my overscheduled days.  I have to get back into working out regularly, so hopefully this will get me back on track.


  1. Jennifer, I'd love to know how the DDP Yoga is going. I've been playing around with starting it.



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