Monday, February 8, 2016

My Izzybelle

My life has been very concentrated on Isabelle the past few months, with her stomach issues, and school issues, and just the fact that she thrives on attention and demands it constantly anyway.  I feel badly at times about it... Olivia and Zoe seem to take a backseat so often.  They don't complain or act up to refocus me onto them, though, so I assume they're not suffering for it.

Online schooling was a bust.  I could write a really long post about it, but I'm over it.  I feel a little mislead by the school (seems to be happening a lot, maybe it's my comprehension skills, I just don't know anymore) but aside from that, I just couldn't squeeze 6 hours of school work a day into my life. So, after a long, tearful discussion that left me feeling like a complete heel when she said she'd go back to school because she wanted ME to be happy (and not in a sarcastic way, she was being sincere), we enrolled Isabelle into the elementary school we're zoned for (not the charter school).

She was so scared.  She hadn't seriously complained about her stomach hurting much since leaving the charter school.  But immediately, that weekend before school started, she was curled up crying.  It's anxiety.... I know that's the root of it.  I just didn't know what else to do. We talked and talked.  She told me she was too shy, she'd never make any friends.  I told her to just be herself, people will come to her because she's Isabelle and Isabelle is awesome.  She wasn't convinced.

So I sent her off to school last Monday.  And this is what I brought home:

She made a friend.  =)  The week was exhausting, and I had forgotten how cranky that child can be when she's tired.  But she's happy otherwise. 


I'm working on a little bitty baby blanket for a baby shower at work.  It seems impossibly small.  I think it actually will be a few inches shy of the recommended dimensions for a baby blanket, but I'm not frogging it.  I have to  have it finished by Thursday, so it's be a tad small or be a tad not done.  There's a teeny, tiny hat, too.  Same colors... a green hat with a daisy.  Baby stuff is so cute.

I'm feeling like the crochet bug  has reinfected me.... finally.  I have plans after this to make some pillows for my sister to celebrate her new house they just bought.  We've picked out colors and granny squares for me to work with.  I'm actually antsy to start.  


We spend Saturday afternoon wandering Hot Springs, walking the Promenade and a trail up the mountain, then visiting rock shops.  I took this picture and have been told Zoe's my mini-me.  I don't normally see that, because she totally looks like Bill as a little boy, but in this picture...yes, I can see it. 

It was a beautiful day.  This winter has been so mild and I've loved it.  I don't mind winter, I'll take cold over hot any day, but I won't complain that it's not freezing outside.  I do worry that a warmer than usual winter will lead to a warmer than usual summer, and that will NOT be good.  I'll just enjoy it while it lasts, I guess, and deal with the heat when and if it arrives.


  1. Re her stomach issues, my son has been diagnosed with stomach migraines. I think it's ibs but our drs won't diagnose anyone under 16 with it. He does however get medication to help. It is stress related and often flares up when he is anxious. We give him paracetamol first and if he is still in severe pain we give him buscopan. I suffer from ibs and can honestly say it's the worst pain ever. At times I've had it more painful than child birth. I am so glad she has made a friend already! I hope she continues to be happy.

    1. Her doctor did mention stomach migraines the first time we went through this. We know she has reflux and she's taking something for that, but I think her anxiety is what causes all of it, so I think I am going to see if I can get her help there because nothing the doctors are doing is really helping her out otherwise.

  2. love the itty bitty blanket! and yay for Isabella and her gnarly friend making skills! Hope it gets better!

  3. My best friend in school had (undiagnosed) Chrone's disease which flared up with stress. Very painful. She spent a lot of time throwing up and people thought she was anorexic. Eventually at about 18 she had the inflamed section of intestine removed and now she's fine. Keep searching until you find an answer. Anxiety is likely triggering some underlying problem.



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