Monday, February 22, 2016

Tiny Al

I couldn't sleep last night.  Up every hour, hour and a half.  I finally realized about 2am that I was just too warm to sleep.  I normally close the vent in our bedroom off when the heat is on because it gets too hot in there.  Well, it's been unseasonably warm and we actually have had the air conditioner on the past few days, but the vent in my bedroom is still closed.  So I'm dragging today.  Utterly exhausted.  I hate it.

There are these little toys that the girls go nuts over.... it's a plastic egg, like you get at Easter, covered in chocolate.  They used to watch Youtube videos all the time of people opening these kinds of things all the time.  I won't buy them (because I'm one of those terrible parents that doesn't indulge every one of my childrens' whims), but they saved up a little bit of money and bought some on their own.  Inside one of them was a tiny plastic alpaca.  I adore alpacas... I wouldn't mind at all if Bill turned his dairy farm dream into an alpaca farm (I'd prefer it, to be honest).  So, my sweet Izzy gave me the little toy.

She even clipped a little bit of yarn I had been using and give it a little scarf.  I named him Tiny Al Pacacino and he goes places with me.  It's become a silly little thing that seems to amuse my friends and family on Facebook.

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That's an indoor pool, by the way.  It's unseasonably warm, but not pool weather.  We were just fortunate to have a friend in town staying at a hotel with a pool.  Her boyfriend was with her and my kids asked them when they're getting married.  She told them they weren't even engaged, so my kids said "Why haven't you engaged her yet?"  And he did!  I don't know that my kids had anything to do with it, but by the time they left to go home, they were engaged.  So sweet.

Other than that, all I've done is listen to audiobooks and crochet.  Seriously lazy the past week.  I didn't even do my yoga and I can feel it, so I have to get back to that today.  I listened to A Clockwork Orange.  I have never seen the movie and I didn't really know much about it.  I spent the first few chapters trying to figure out what all the made up language was.  You can still get a picture of what is going on, even with all these strange words being thrown around, but it does take a while for it all to click and you to know exactly what he's saying.  (There is an online dictionary, believe it or not.  I looked it over a few times to make sure I wasn't misinterpreting things)  I LOVED the book.  I really did.  And the audiobook performance was just fantastic.  It was fun to listen to.  But now I have all these nonsense words bumping around my brain.  Do you ever get words stuck in your head like a song?  It's like that.

Hopefully I can be more productive this week.  Although a nap sounds glorious right now....


  1. Little Al is very cute! I don't buy my kids random stuff either. Just occasionally. And they never whinge for things, so I must be doing something right.

  2. I'm loving Tiny Al Pacacino and his adventures! I need to find a pool or's been crazy hot here lately...well more like wavering between Floridians, bust out your hoodies cold or haha jk, break those tank tops and flip flops back out again hot...



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