Thursday, March 17, 2016


You know how it is when you know you should or shouldn't do something but you let the opposite happen?  Story of my life.

I told myself when I finally got my crochet mojo back that I wasn't going to overload myself with projects.  I was going to go from project to project, I had a big project in mind that I was excited to get started with once I was finished with some long-neglected things.  No deadlines, just relaxing work.

Then I made that frog.

I loved making that frog.  So I wanted to make some similar stuffed animals for the girls for Easter.  I had 3 weeks, plenty of time.

Isabelle's Happypotamus in progress... It's actually almost finished now.

I started on Zoe's Fatty Lumpkin the Brave (he's a horse, with a fantastic name).  I can work on the flowers with the girls around, but I can't do assembly, so I have both going on.  I'm also making Olivia a Fatty Lumpkin, but with wings, because she's into Pegasuses.

Then Ms. Norma asked my Mom if I would make another frog to sell her.  I said, sure, as long as it could wait until after Easter.

A friend mentioned wanting a turtle.  I never committed to doing it, but I really would like to.

A coworker who is always asking me to make her something or other finally wore me down and wants not one, but two mermaid tail blankets.  She really wanted them before Easter, but I told her there was no way, not even if I wasn't working on things that needed to be done before them.  I've really never had any desire to make one of these, let alone 2, or the 3 my kids will be begging for afterwards.

Isabelle wants me to make the We Bare Bears (If you haven't seen that cartoon, you HAVE to watch it - Cartoon Network.  It cracks me up) for her birthday next month.  I had wanted to make her a fusion blanket (fabric and crochet) for her birthday, but I don't think I could finish in time anyway, but it's also on the list because I actually did buy the fabric.

And I still need to finish up one of the pillows I am making for my sister.

Olivia wants me to make an Eevee and Sylveon for her and her best friend (Pokemon.... can you believe that's still around?).

That's 12 projects lined up.  I'm ridiculous.

And my sister sent me this box of awesomeness that I can only stare at for the next few months before I can make myself something.  The blue and green are alpaca.  They're payment for making her a cowl earlier this year.  I only asked for the reddish yarn, the alpaca yarn is a tip I guess.  =)


  1. That's a lot!!! I just need my friends to stop having babies! I can't stop myself from making baby blankets. They are an easy way to try a new blanket pattern though...

  2. Omg the alpaca...i'm honestly drooling. I've wanted to work with something like that, but I could never justify buying it. You're so lucky!

  3. I'm glad I'm not alone in my ridiculousness! Finishing up my 4th baby blanket. Pieces of a giraffe and a fox are waiting to be put together. Need 2 more blankets by May. This is why I can't sell things. I don't work well under pressure! All I can say is pace yourself or you will lose interest. Remember to always enjoy the process. Sally



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