Thursday, March 10, 2016

This and that

This is the longest week ever.  You'd think I had something exciting on the horizon to make the days drag, but no.  I'm just really tired this week.

I had a message the other day that my doctor appointment in April needed to be rescheduled.  So I called yesterday and was informed that my primary care doctor is leaving the practice at the end of this month.  I'm so sad.  I love my doctor.  He listens to me and doesn't make me feel like a loser for not being perfect.  I went ahead and made an appointment with the other doctor in the practice.  I'm really hoping she'll be as good.

One thing my doctor and I had talked about when he put me on antidepressants was going to therapy.  I put off making an appointment because my insurance was changing and I didn't have mental health benefits with my old policy.  I do now, but I felt so much better that I just didn't do it.  I'm thinking about it now though.  My meds are working, I'm no where near where I was, but I think now that my body is used to them, they're not quite enough.  I just can't summon up the drive to get things done.  I'm just BLAH.  I just skate by doing the minimum.  But my biggest problem is that I want to binge eat all the time.  And if I try to just not have anything in the house, it makes me anxious all night.  So I'm thinking I should make that appointment now and see if they can help me to deal with all this without adjusting my meds.  I need to have some drive to do something other than sit in the recliner and crochet while I listen to an audiobook.

And speaking of crocheting, I am soooo close to being finished with a long time project:

It's a Versailles Matelasse afghan.  Matelasse are whole cloth quilts where the focus is more on the quilting of the fabric, where as most traditional quilts are all about the designing of different pieces of fabric.  I found an ebook of crocheted afghans inspired by this type of quilt and I just think they are so beautiful.  I just need to add the border and weave in my ends and I'm finished.  I started this last spring, I believe.  I used some yarn that  had been given to me, it's not the best yarn.... pretty scratchy, but maybe I can soften it up in the laundry.  Olivia has tried to claim it already.  I think it's too heavy to be used as a throw for the couch, but it's too small for my bed, so I guess it would be fine for her bed.  I'm debating making a different matelasse pattern for my bedspread.  I was planning on a different pattern, but now I'm wavering.

The dogs are still with us.  I honestly don't think anyone is going to step up to claim them.  I guess we have two more dogs, then.  Yippee.  Sigh.

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