Saturday, August 8, 2009


Discipline. I'm not talking about my children... but they could use a little more than is dished out around here. Trust me. I'm talking about myself. It's something I've been thinking about alot lately. There isn't just ONE area I need to be more disciplined at - it's everything.

On Saturday mornings, my sister and I go walking or bike riding and it's one of my rare opportunities to have a real conversation. We were talking about our individual journies to lose weight. She's been far more successful than I have - she's lost about 30 lbs and looks great. I was talking about how I'm still getting over all the excuses. And I know that's what they are. There hasn't been one that I haven't come up with a solution to at some point or another. I haven't been able to make that true commitment to it just yet. I know in order to do it, I have to be hardcore obsessed with it and I am having trouble not seeing that as a bad thing. But even my doctor told me that if I have to be obsessed about it, then get obsessed with it.

Anyway, she mentioned a book she has been thinking about buying called Die Fat or Get Tough by Steve Siebold. I've been looking at it today and I might have to get it. There is NO sugar-coating to this book. He gives you 100 differences in the way fat people think versus fit people. And he's brutal. He doesn't let you fall back on any of the old excuses. He's a bit of an ass on his website, and he pisses me off a little bit just because he only had to lose 40 lbs and he's all smug like he lost 150 lbs. But then again, he lost 40 lbs and I can't really lay claim to anything close. I've read some reviews where people think he's just a bully and giving out common sense in a hateful way, but most reviews were kind of along my line of thinking - sometimes you need your backside kicked and there's really no nice way to kick someone's ass.

I know the book is about weight loss, but he is a motivational speaker focusing on business and that's where the principles come from. Being tough. No excuses kind of thinking. The principles could probably be applied across the board relating to most of my life right now. Because I have a ton of excuses. I can't do this because of my kids. I can't do that because I work. I put things off until I get other things done, and then find an excuse to keep me from doing that. I have all these plans and I'm sitting here waiting for them to happen. I need to start DOING. I need to stop wasting my time.

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  1. Who would have thought that being OCD about something could be a positive? I'm trying to create my own obsession but not making much progress. Why is it that we can't be mentally "ill" enough?



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