Friday, June 29, 2012


We've had a run of hair cuts around the house.  Olivia and Zoe's hair had gotten very long (imagine that).  Zoe's very tender-headed, so she'd cry every time I brushed her hair.  Olivia plays with her hair in her sleep, so it's constantly in knots... so I cut their hair.  It's not perfect and could use a little touch up, but they look fine.  I took Isabelle to get hers evened up, it was still a little wonky from last summer's incident.  And last Sunday, I came home from church to an almost bald husband.  I was feeling a little left out.  ;)

It's been very, very hot here.  105 right now.  I've wanted to cut my  hair really short for a long time, but I've been chicken.  See, I thought it would make my face look fat.  But then I realized, I pull my hair up in a ponytail every single day.  Even in the winter.  I hate my hair on my neck.  So thinking having short hair would make my face fatter than all my hair pulled back made no sense.  Plus, I'm really paranoid that wearing a ponytail all day, everyday, is making my hairline recede a little bit.  I tried to cut bangs in December, but I cut them long and never trimmed them.

So, I bit the bullet.  I made an appointment at the local Paul Mitchell school.  Why the school and not an actual salon?  I was skeptical the first time I went there, but I've loved it so much more than any salon I've been to and it's way less expensive.  The students are watched like hawks and have to get approval from their supervisor before they can touch your head with scissors.  Plus, I get a head massage.  You could almost shave me bald if you give me a head massage.  =)

The girl I saw last time had graduated, so I had to just try my luck again.  The second I saw Omar, I knew I got lucky.  He was quite flamboyant.  I don't mean to be stereotypical, but that particular stereotype has always held true for me.  He was great.  I was totally at ease with him.  He was very odd.... he had bleached blonde hair with a shock of purple and blue up front and smelled just like my grandfather.  He said he was from Mexico and looked about as latino as I do (which is to say not at all).  I really liked him.

I showed him the picture of what I wanted:

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

His supervisor came over and he went over it with her.  She turned and looked at me and said "I need to ask you a personal question.  Are you on your period or are you about to be?  Because we don't want you to leave here crying."  I guess people like to chop their hair off in the midst of PMS angst.  Nevermind the fact that it's blazing hot outside.

My "before" shot.  

She talked me into a deep conditioning treatment and while they were discussing whether or not to do it before or after my cut, she decided to just chop off the bulk of my hair before Omar washed it.  She had about 6" of my hair in her hand and said "there's no going back now!"  Glad I'm not premenstrual.  LOL

I got my head massage (nice!) and then Omar washed my hair.  We opted to do the conditioning treatment after my hair cut.  He went to work.  Apparently, I have awesome hair because I was told by someone at some point that they were passing around the chunk the supervisor cut off and were going to make color swatches with it.  We talked about coloring my hair, and I told Omar I'd consider it at a later date.  I actually hate the color of my hair when the sun bleaches it.  I've never had my hair professionally colored, but it won't hold home hair color, so I'm just not sure.  It's fine now that most of it has been cut out, though.  It took FOREVER (which is fine with me) and we decided to skip the deep conditioning.  He said all the dry hair was cut off anyway.

I had 4 different people cutting on my hair while I was there.  My hair isn't exactly like ol' Kate Beckinsale's up there in the picture... because my  hair gets poofy when it's short.  Normally, I won't let anyone near me with thinning shears or a razor, but I let them do it.  I figure since it's short and I have to keep it maintained that it's worth a shot.  I really liked the end result.  That's very rare for me.  Honestly, I normally am at least a little disappointed when I get my hair cut.

This isn't the best "after" pic, but here you go...


The truck has no AC, so it was about 5000* in there, hence the less-than-happy expression.

Bill is convinced that I'll hate it come tomorrow, and Zoe cried because I "look like a boy."  But I am happy for now.  =) 


  1. Hi Jennifer! Just wanted to say I know exactly how you feel about your hair. I had been wearing my hair up pulled back for almost a year and decided to cut it short with bangs. What a relief! I feel human again! It hasn't been as hot here (85 at the most) but when it gets hotter I will probably pin back the bangs. Enjoy your new "do". Sally



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