Saturday, June 15, 2013

Color Me Rad 2013

Today was the day my kids have been waiting months for... Color Me Rad!

You know, I did The Color Run last year and I had fun, but I had pretty much decided that the only reason I would do another one was for my kids.  When I found out CMR was coming, and it was cheaper - and the age limit for registration was lower - I jumped on it.  If we had done The Color Run, I would have had to register Isabelle... they require it for 7 and up.  CMR is 8 and up, so I only had to pay for Olivia.

We got all dressed in our whitest clothes 


and picked up my sister and brother-in-law.  We met up with one of my sister's friends there and she had a few friends, but they must have been running, because we didn't see them again after the race started.


Always have to have a picture with my sister before a race.  =)  Funny story about her shirt...  we're assuming that some of the people associated with the race here work for a competing gym, because the first color station we passed, one guy made sure to hit her right in the logo.  Another color station, a guy commented on how he could still see the logo and blasted her again.  


Zoe was just the cutest thing ever this morning.  She was so serious about it all.  She was very calm and patient waiting to actually get to start, and as soon as we got through the start, she wanted to run.  That didn't last long, but we ran for a little bit.


My sister and brother-in-law had an old wagon that we brought along, in case the girls pooped out.  This was their first 5k (and actually the distance was way less than 5k, my Runkeeper was only at 3 miles AFTER our long walk back to the van).  The girls took turns riding in it, but towards then end all of them got in.  This was about 30 seconds before one of the wheels popped off.  But hats off to Uncle Lee for toting that thing around the whole time.

The race course wound throughout our State Fairgrounds, which was absolutely awesome... no traffic whatsoever to worry about, no crossing streets.  I'm sure they saved a ton of money not having to have police out blocking streets for the race.

I'm just assuming that almost all of these color runs are pretty much the same.  The only real difference between The Color Run and Color Me Rad was that every other color station was liquid.  Our first color station (purple) was powder, the next (yellow) had a bunch of people with what looked like the tanks exterminators use and they just sprayed us as we walked past.  I liked it.  I think it made for a much messier experience.  Orange was powder (and went all down inside my shirt - I still am a little oompah-loompah-ish), Green was liquid, and Pink was powder.  Then we got our own color bomb at the end and blasted each other with that.  When I did the Color Run, honestly, that was the most color we got since it was all powder and a lot of it just dusted off of us... we weren't all that colorful until we pelted each other with several color packs.  But today we were a mess before we got our color bombs.


After shot =)


They had sooo much fun.  Isabelle's poor face is still green... it stained pretty badly.  I have splotches of green on my legs, and pink stripes here and there, and my orange chest.  Sweat and liquid color made a huge difference in the mess factor for sure.

I'm sure the girls will be begging me to take them to another one next year.  We'll have to see, since I'll be paying for 2 of them in the future.  That's some pretty expensive fun.  =P


  1. I did CMR last month to compare to TCR too. I LOVED the liquid color aspect. Definitely added some messy fun to the equation. I did think TCR was more of a party atmosphere though. Both are fun and essentially the same gig. I'm sure all the other color races are too. Looks like you all had a blast!!

  2. I absolutely love the picture of you and your girls! I hope you frame that one, it's pretty amazing! Looks like you had a blast and it makes me want to look for one in our area. Would Alyssa be ok to do it do you think?

    1. She'd probably love it. Just bring a stroller or wagon (something that can be hosed down or would be OK if it stained), it's a long walk for short legs =) My sister and brother-in-law covered their faces with bandanas when we went through the powdered color stations, but it's just cornstarch and won't hurt you. You'll have techni-colored snot for a day or so, though =) There were little babies out there in strollers, and a lot of kids younger than mine.



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