Sunday, June 2, 2013

166 miles

Well, today I officially began my half-marathon training.  As a runner!  I pretty much made up my own training plan, basing it off of the one I used for my last half.  But that one had me jumping by 2 miles every increase, and I was not comfortable with that.  I worked it out and I have just enough weeks to increase by half a mile each week to get me to 12.5 miles, plus two taper weeks before the actual race.  

I added up the mileage for my long runs.  166 miles.  

I'm down 3.5 miles today.  =)

I worried a little bit about it today... I have had a total slacker week.  I really hadn't done anything physical since Tuesday.  But it was a great run, I didn't struggle mentally, and my pace was awesome!  13:32!  That's taking into account the quarter-mile warm up and cool down walking, so I was super stoked.  My second mile was 12:24!  My 5k pace was 14:30ish... so a definite improvement.

I'd love to do my half in 3 hours.  I'd need to keep a pace similar to today's to do it.  That will be my goal, but I'll be happy just to finish it running the entire thing.

I think as the summer heats up, that I might have to get up early in the morning to run.  Today wasn't bad, and my route was shady 80% of the time, but I'm sure I'm in for some torture in the upcoming weeks.


  1. You are brave. 5k to half marathon!

  2. My stupid phone keeps cutting me off, good job on the pace improvement!!

  3. Ha! It is freezing here with the first few days of winter. I hate the heat, but I am already looking forward to summer so I can thaw.

  4. Be careful to increase mileage and speed at the same time.
    Do one at a time.

    I know because I Injured myself doing that and you are doing great so far, don't lose that streak. :-)

    1. Do you mean in the same time frame or same run? I plan on working on speed during the week and distance on the weekend. My weekday runs are pretty consistently 3-3.5 miles and I'm not aiming for a big increase in speed... and I try to keep a slow pace during longer runs - I definitely don't try to run faster then, if I get faster that's OK but I don't force it then =)

      Thanks for the tip!



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