Saturday, June 29, 2013

My newest scheme

We made a quick little visit to an old friend of mine this weekend.  She lives 3.5 hours away, which is the longest drive I've made in quite some time.  We drove up on Friday, left Saturday evening... quick, but fun.  She has a little girl about Isabelle's age who is named Isabella, which is a fun coincidence since we had lost touch for a while about then and had no idea we were pregnant at the same time and named our children basically the same thing.

We had a lot of fun visiting, and our kids hit it off big time!  We visited a museum, which I could have spent days exploring inside and out, but we only stayed a few hours because of the kids.


On our drive back home, I had this crazy idea.  And it's even crazier that I am still thinking about it after the drive home, which was really tedious towards the end with 3 over-tired children.

I want to take a massive road trip with the girls.  I want to take about 2 months off of work one summer, and visit every state (well, 48 of them anyway).  Get up, drive a few hours into the next state, find something fun to do or see for the afternoon, move on the next day.  We'd stay a day or two longer in states with family, of course.  I know Bill won't ever be able to take off time like that so we'd maybe fly him out to meet up with us a few times, especially when we're out east near his family.  

It would take a few years to save up the money and properly plan.  It would be crazy expensive...  and it would take a lot of planning.  But I think it would be such an awesome experience for the girls.  

I'm sure Bill won't be crazy about the idea.  He'd hate being left alone that long.  And he'd hate not being able to see all the things we'd be seeing.  He hates flying so he wouldn't even be excited about flying out to meet us places, either.  

I think it would be a blast.  So I'm going to start working up a plan to make it happen and see where it goes.


  1. That would so not work here in Australia! We have about the same land area as the US but only eight states & territories (and a lot less people/towns etc). So it would be a long way between activities and a whole lot of driving!

    On the up side, you could do it in just over a week, hypothetically. If you drove fast enough.

    But have a great time if you do make it happen!

  2. That sounds so fun! I've always wanted to do that too, and I'm so glad my husband is on board. We're probably going to invest in a camper sometime in the next few years, so that we can do it!



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