Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I'm a pariah.

Yep.  Persona non grata.

They ALL hate me. 

What happened? 

Remember these people?  My coworkers that make me want to just get up and walk off my job?  Of course, this has to do with them.

Everyone loves them, just like I did at first.  But while I am there to see their true colors, no one else is around enough to see them.  Remember that.

Thursday, I came in to work, and doing as I always do first thing in the morning, I took the day's schedule off of the clipboard to fax over to the hospital.  This was under the schedule....


I freaked out.  I knew exactly who put it on there, without a doubt.  Was it meant for me?  Well, who else takes the schedule off of the clipboard? No one but me until the end of the day.  I was very angry and very disturbed. 

My boss investigated.  The story that she was given was that M left it for B as a joke, because B had been sick and coughing all week.  M didn't think anyone else would see it.  It was a joke. 

Did I believe them?  I acknowledge that it very well may have been a joke like she said.  BUT, knowing the pranks they've pulled on other people... knowing how they talk.... I was still uneasy.  Plus, even if it was not meant for me, I found it.  I can't really put into words how upset I was upon finding that.  A simple "it wasn't for you" doesn't erase that.

My boss asked me what I wanted her to do.  I told her I would not work with them anymore, and I'd go home that day if I thought I had to come to work to them the next day.  Since M admitted to leaving the sign, M was fired. 

Part of me wishes I had just walked out. 

My boss tried to leave me out of it as far as anyone else knew.  She tried to say she found the picture.  But that just made things worse.  They all know I found it.  It looks like I just wanted to hide behind my boss and she fired M because I'm "boss's pet." 

They all loved M.  I get it.  She was funny, always laughing.  But they never realized how much of that laughter was at someone else's expense.  They didn't realize how shoddy a job she did at work (In 3 days, working just part-time on her job, I've already surpassed what she was doing full time).  The loved her, they're upset she's gone.

And they're all blaming me.  No one talks to me if they can avoid it.  They look away when I walk through the room.  I'm not making this up.  You'd think M was dead and I was holding the knife.

It bothers me.  I wish it didn't.  But it really, really does.  I've worked there 15 years.  I don't recall ever being some sort of trouble maker, running around getting my boss to fire people I don't like.  I'm an extreme introvert, but I'm not unfriendly.  It just really hurts my feelings that not one person has asked for my side of the story.  No one.  They just all assume I've overreacted over their "joke" or that I was just out to get M. 

It bothers me that there is absolutely nothing I can do about it either.  If I act upset, I'm just playing the victim.  If I ignore it all, I'm heartless. 

I just want to quit. 

I'm tired.  Like I said, 15 years.  And no one knows me well enough to give me the benefit of the doubt that M's firing was justified.  Hell, right now, I wonder at times if I was in the wrong.  If I should have just let it slide.  Even the person that M bullied most of all has ostracized me... I don't get it. 

Maybe I am the terrible person. 


  1. You're not a terrible person! Honestly, had she been my employee and something like that surfaced it wouldn't matter what the circumstances were, I would have fired her too. And quite frankly, it sounds like she wasn't worth her weight in salt, so if for no other reason take comfort in the fact that the person who wasn't doing their work is no longer around (I swear that makes sense in my head, lol). As for the others, I wish I had some kind of words of wisdom...best I can say is do the best you can to ignore it and just keep doing what you're supposed to do. I think if you quit, its more fodder for the fire. Stand your ground and don't back down...eventually the storm will pass...until it does, good luck

  2. Wow, what a horrible day. I don't know you very well, and the others involved not at all, so I can't make judgements about that. But what I can say is that you didn't force M to do this thing. You didn't kill M. You stood up for yourself and pointed out something they'd done wrong and the rest was the consequences of their actions. Your boss either saw this incident as a big deal or else knew that M had a history of things that this was the final straw of. I don't think you are a terrible person. Hopefully in time it will be forgotten or fade in your co-workers minds and you can all move on. If you really hate it there, and it sounds you have good reason to, then find another job to go to before you quit.

  3. That is terrible what M did. Even if she says, that it was not meant for you, she deserved to be fired. It seems like your working environment is very toxic, and It is very hard to understand why the other co workers side with the bully., but it is usually like that. Bullies seem to have many sympathisers who usually gang up against someone, because, they are cowards.

    I wish I could offer you some words of comfort ,but I don't know what to say. only that I feel your pain, and that I hope, that now that the bully is gone, the others see their error of their ways, and change for the better.

  4. Don't, for one second, blame yourself. That sign is not a joke. No matter who the intended victim was. Or who they say it was. That is not funny. Period.

    If they are being bitches, then I challenge you to sit their butts down and have this out. Women are notorious for this kind of crap and they will persist because right now, you are the easy one to blame. They are the pack and you are the lonely rabbit without protection. Take your power back.

    The point of all of this is that that sign was not professional. If that had happened where I work, the person would have been fired. Like escorted from the grounds with an armed escort. She made a dumb choice and in today's society that kind of crap could get your employer sued because of a hostile work environment. Heck. Throw that at them.

    My point is, don't let their behavior drive you from your job. Unless, of course, you want to be driven.

    Kisses, hugs, and arms lifting you up!

  5. Oh wow! First of all, you did nothing wrong. No you are not a terrible person. I can't imagine having to work with idiots all day long. What they did was a cruel prank. They are heartless and evil!
    Two weeks ago a very close friend of mine who has been battling ovarian cancer tried to kill herself because she just wants it all to be over. It has really affected me. People have no idea what someone might be going through. Leaving that message for you to read is bullying. Your boss was right to fire her.
    Please don't leave your job because of this. Eventually this will all blow over. I imagine you are stressed with the new house and dog and just raising 3 girls. You can't afford to quit. I strongly believe what goes around comes around. Stay strong and keep to yourself. You did the right thing. Sally



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