Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Week Off


So, I took a little time off of work.  It was wonderful.  So needed.  I really wish I didn't have to go back to work, but bills have to be paid.  Stupid bills.

My main goal was a lot of time alone.  While I did battle a little guilt and feeling selfish about that, it was absolutely necessary. You can't possibly imagine how theraputic hours of solitude is to me.  I couldn't take a Monday through Friday off because of other vacations previously scheduled, and I think it would have been even better if I had because there was a 3 day chunk of family in the middle of my solitude, but it was still very refreshing.  I feel so much better.

Thursday, I dropped the kids off at school (an unfortunate deal I make with the hubs when I am off work, it's torture) and went for a walk.  I had packed up my Happy Ball supplies and sat by the river and crocheted.  I made a fun rainbow Happy Ball and left it on a statue by the Two Rivers Bridge.

I went to the yarn shop nearby and bought some yarn that I just adore.  I gave the shop owner a Happy Ball.  To be honest, I don't really remember much else about the day..... it seemed to slip by too fast.  Poof, it was time for the girls to be out of school.

Friday was Bill Day.

I went to get my hair trimmed and then spent the day with that guy.  We had lunch together and were pretty bored, really.  We just wandered the mall.  We had a good time, we just were pretty aimless.

The weekend was our average weekend.

Monday I had planned on doing some heavy cleaning around the house after taking a long walk.  I dropped the kids off at school and took my walk.  It started raining on my last mile.  I got home, changed, and crawled into bed with Bill to warm up because I was chilled to the bone.  I woke up at 1:30p.m.

Needless to say, there wasn't much heavy cleaning going on.

Tuesday I did the cleaning.  I really hate cleaning, but it needed to be done.  Blah.

I did make a lot of Happy Balls along the way.

This isn't all of them because the girls stole quite a few to take to school along the way and I gave a few away.  I need to mail off a few batches.  I have a list of 5 or 6 people still who want some.

Yesterday was my last day off, so I decided to spend it out on my own again.  I took the girls to school and it was too early to really do much, so I went home and napped with Bill for just a little bit.  I got up and went to IHOP and had a late breakfast.  Then I went and watched Mother's Day.  I have never been to see a movie by myself.  I like not having to worry about what someone else wants to see.  Of course, there really wasn't anything playing I really cared about seeing.  The movie wasn't bad, though.  After that I went back to the yarn shop, again....

The shop owner had my Happy Ball on display on the knitting needle rack =).  Of course, I had to get more yarn because I have a problem (who doesn't LOL) and I had an hour to kill before having to pick up the girls so I sat and crocheted.  There were 4 other ladies there knitting and eating lunch.  They were all very nice.  I finished 2 balls and gave them to 2 of the ladies when I left.

After I got the girls, I had to go to the library because I needed to pick up the third season of Doctor Who (I'm just now watching these.... the season finales are killing me each time people.  How do you do this?)  We had left a Happy Ball there about a month ago and one of the librarians found it and posted it on Instagram.  It was actually the first time someone used the hashtag #randomballofhappiness on Instagram besides me and my friends.  Well, she was at the library and recognized Zoe from a picture I posted.

She looked at me and asked, "Do you knit or crochet?"

"I crochet."

"Do you crochet little balls?"


"Do you crochet little balls of happiness?"

"Yes.  Yes, I do."

She was so excited.  She said they were so tickled to have been yarn bombed and she couldn't wait to tell one of the other librarians that she had ran into me.  I felt almost famous or something.


I have an idea brewing with these little balls for Father's Day.  It's in the cooking stage.  And I"m going to post the pattern for the balls for anyone who wants it in a few days when I get the time.  So look for that.....

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