Monday, May 23, 2016

Milestone: First graduation

I was always a bit disappointed that the girls never went to a school that did Kindergarten graduations.  I think it's adorable.  But they didn't.  So Olivia's Elementary graduation this past Friday was our first official "graduation" ceremony.

I honestly can't believe that I have a child entering Middle School next year.  And as I was looking at all the kids on the stage Friday night, not a single one of them looked old enough to be going into Middle School.  Babies, I tell you.  All little babies.

But My little Livi has made it.... from the first day of Kindergarten through fifth grade.

Oh, my goodness, her cheeks.  She had the best cheeks when she was little.  I really miss those chubby cheeks.

Mr. Bill acted like he didn't understand the point of Elementary graduation ceremonies, but I think he was proud all the same.  He at least managed one of his rare smiles for a picture.  Trust me, that's a HUGE deal.

I'm probably 200% more terrified of Middle School than Olivia is.  I'm just really not ready to see my little baby bird start spreading her wings, but I guess that's really not up to me, is it?

So Olivia.....

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