Sunday, March 1, 2009

#74 - Make a list of 25 things I like about myself

I had started this when I started the list, and then my notebook mysteriously disappeared. I strongly suspect one or two gremlins of playing with it and losing it. So I worked on it this week (and encouraged some friends to make their list too...) and have finished it this morning.

  1. I have pretty eyes
  2. I'm intellegent
  3. I'm creative
  4. I have a decent singing voice
  5. I have pretty feet
  6. My ears don't stick out very much
  7. I have a warped sense of humor
  8. I'm a good listener
  9. I have pretty handwriting
  10. I have really warm hands
  11. I can make a mean apple pie
  12. I'm a good friend
  13. I have a wild imagination
  14. I love my tattoos
  15. I'm a good photographer
  16. I have a photographic memory (when my memory works...)
  17. I have thick hair
  18. I can see both sides to most issues
  19. I'm a decent writer
  20. I'm quirky
  21. I'm a fast reader
  22. I can draw a bit
  23. I have great dreams
  24. My hair and nails grow really fast
  25. I'm a pretty healthy person

1 comment:

  1. I love your list....and what I like even more is that you can say those things about yourself and not seem one ounce of arrogance or egotism...I think I was made believe that if you liked anything about yourself you were egotistical, so I quickly learned to not like anything about I realize how stupid that is!!! Anyway, I think I'm going to do this exercise with my girls...I don't want them growing up with the same belief I had!



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