Sunday, March 1, 2009

Oh so supportive...

There is a new ticker over there ===>
It's counting down the days until I stop smoking. The ticker itself it quite depressing. I know smoking is expensive, but when you have to look at how much you spend, it's really sickening.

So, I told my husband yesterday, "I'm going to stop smoking April 1."

He laughed at me.

Really, he did. "It's not like you haven't tried before." And I guess that means I shouldn't even try again?

So I told him he wasn't a very supportive person. Which is only partially true. He does support some of my endeavors: my photography, going to the gym (I wonder how much he'd support that if he had to watch the kids though). But this is important, too, and he shouldn't find it funny.

But whatever. I think he just doesn't want to quit himself. He's always stated that he can quit whenever he wants to, he's not addicted. Uh huh. He has quit before, too, and I suspect it wasn't as easy as he likes to make it out to be.

That's the day though... April 1. Or maybe I'll quit sooner. I'm tired of it being such a big part of my life.


  1. Holy cow! I had forgotten how much money we started saving once Beloved gave up all tobacco products. And then we got our life insurance rate cut in half when he had been tobacco free for a year. There's even more savings than you think out there.

  2. Well I know you can do it ! and its the year of the Ox, which means those of us who undertake big things will stick to it !!! This is a great year for it ! And the fact that you are going to the gym at the same time is actually a really good thing!!! Way to go!!!

  3. Way to Go! I know you can do it! This is the year of the anyone who undertakes anything big should stick to it !!! And combine that with going to the gym should help too!!! (Tammy) sorry if you end up with two very similar comments from me...I'm having a hard time posting, lol

  4. Hello there! I'm new to following your blog, hope you don't mind. I am doing my own 101 in 1001 and wanted to connect with others that have similar lists and/or are just interesting :) Quitting smoking is on my list as well, and I just try to work on the number of days in a row I can go without to start. And i have fallen off, a lot...but keep trying. I have a post about it on my blog that you may be able to relate to, feel free to check it out.




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