Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekly roundup

February is over. Wow.

Zoe's date was not very exciting... it was too cold to really do much of anything that I wanted to do. So she went with me when I did my weekly shopping and got to play on the rides at the arcade.

I debated on whether or not Bill and I got an actual "date" in February. We did have a breakfast date planned a few weeks ago, but he got stuck at work. I decided that I would go ahead and count the day I stayed home from work with him. Yeah, he had a concussion and we slept most of the day, but it's rare for us to get ANY time without kids. So I counted it. I'll make sure we have a true date this month.

I made it to the gym more than 3 times last week. And I'm kicking butt on the elliptical. When I first started on the machine, I was lucky to hit 80 strides a minute and now I'm over 100. The number just gets a little bigger every day.

I sent out my card last week to my friend Gigi. She sent me a message on facebook that she got it today and it was just what she needed. That makes me feel good. I'm still deciding who to send a card to this week. Maybe my grandpa.

And I got my March postcard for Postcrossing ready to be mailed today. This time they gave me an address in Finland. How cool! My last address was in the US, so it wasn't quite as exciting, but still fun. I should be getting a postcard myself soon. I can't wait to see where it's from. I think once the girls get older, they will look at the postcards I'll be getting from around the world and love them. Maybe it will inspire them to take interest in geography and history like their daddy. Heaven knows I never cared about either. I had to look up where Finland was today. I was close. Kinda. =)

This week I need to upload February's pictures to snapfish and order prints. I still have a backlog of photos to be put in the girls' albums, so I have to get that caught up this month along with February's pictures. Now that Spring is approaching, I'll be more camera happy than I have been lately.

So that's it for now. I'm going to keep on chipping away...

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  1. This Postcrossing thing you do is really enticing me!! I love the concept...think I'm going to try it!

    Congrats on the elliptical ! That's my favourite machine too !!



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