Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm a slacker!

Well, March was not a very productive month for me. I think making "do this once a month" items on my list weren't the best idea. Oh well, I will press on.

I have a lot of things coming up pertaining to my list. The American Heart Association Heart Walk is this coming Saturday. My sister and I (and a few other people she works with) are walking. The next weekend is the MS Walk. My church is doing family portraits on Easter Sunday.

I'm going to pick something to work on this week that I know I can finish. And I have a few ideas for my remaining 3 items I need to finish my list. I intend for April to be a much more productive month for me. I at least need to make sure I'm checking on this list once a week - I think I skipped last week. Slacker!!

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