Thursday, December 27, 2012

I've got POWER!!

So... how was your Christmas?  Did Santa bring you something nice, or were you naughty this year?  Hmmm?  I got mostly gift cards and cash.  I won't complain.  =)

We went to my parents' for Christmas Day, despite the threat of snow.  We had a good time and the girls were spoiled with a Princess Dream Castle and bows and arrows.  We left there about 5pm, and the snow had already started.  It took us THREE HOURS to get home.  It was awful.  Three hours in the van, driving 20-30 mph for 70 miles... with three over-tired, hyper kids.  Good grief.

We got home and got the kids to bed, just in time for the power to go out.  On the way home, I had noticed several friends posting on facebook about their power going out and I just had a bad, bad feeling about it.  Here in Arkansas, snow usually means massive power outages.  Because it's Arkansas and we don't prepare for this.  Our last White Christmas was probably decades ago, so no one really thought it would happen.  But it happened and shortly after getting the kids in bed... boom, no power.

We woke up chilly with a thick blanket of snow on the ground outside.  We got several inches.  I was supposed to go to work, but the roads were terrible, so I stayed home.  The girls played for about 5 minutes in it before deciding it was much prettier to look at from inside the house.  

So, we sat around all day Wednesday... no power.  I went into work for a few hours today, but came home to... no power.  Luckily, our house is really well insulated, so with that and the gas oven, we were able to keep it from being too uncomfortable inside the house.  The girls were so stir crazy that I was ready to tie them to a chair.  Then, about 8pm tonight, the lights came back on.

Such a relief!

Hopefully the road conditions will improve tomorrow so that Bill will feel safe enough to take the truck and leave me the van and I can get the girls out for a while.  But it's supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow, so I really don't have much hope there.  We'll see...

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