Thursday, April 18, 2013

Better than before

I'm sorry for being a whiner.  I promise, no whining today.  =)

Today has been a great day.

Work wasn't particularly irritating.  It was raining all day, but I can deal with rain.  My husband was in a goofy mood when I saw him, which is always nice.

I got a very sweet message from a friend.  It almost made me cry... after the first part of the week, to read what she wrote made me feel so much better.

Even Killer was feeling the love today.  


Killer and I don't usually interact, other than her wanting to be let out and me stepping on her.  On accident... we don't get along much, but I don't purposely step on her. But she crawled up in my lap, and I decided to let her stay.  Very rare occurrence.  My husband was shocked.

And then I went and did this...


Oh yeah.

Eight boxes.  One for me, one that the girls claimed (punks - like they didn't just get new crayons for Easter), and 6 to bomb with.  

I copied the quote and stuck it with the boxes.  I knew where 3 of them were going right away.  

One went just down the road to my sister's house.  I just dropped it by the door and ran.  My sister sent me a message later and told me she had been home the whole time.  She's sick.  =(  It's the second time I've left her a little present by the door while she was sickly on her couch, oblivious to my sneaky ways.  Neither time did I know she was home sick (at least I don't remember knowing the first time, but certainly not this time).

Two went to the post office with me to be sent to a couple of awesome ladies who I've never met face-to-face, but they've been two of my best friends for years now.  

I have three more.  I am trying to decide if I'm going to bomb people I personally know, or leave them somewhere random - or both.  Either way, it's made me so giddy that I might just keep it up.  Bomb a few people each week.  It makes me happy, so why not?

I went to the rec center and thought I was doing four 5-minute intervals for C25k, but it actually was only supposed to be three.  I'll be honest, I wasn't looking forward to it at all.  Five minutes has been a struggle, and doing it 4 times was intimidating.  But I talked myself into it. 

My first 5 minute interval was awesome.  Nothing like Tuesday.  Dare I say it was easy?  Yeah, kinda...

Then, my second interval came up and I was just grinning ear to ear.  Halfway through, the "you are halfway" announcement happened (in case I was running outside doing an out-and-back route).  Apparently it was only 3 intervals.

I have to say I was a little disappointed.  I felt kind of cheated.

So I finished my intervals and went into my 5 minute cool down.  And I thought, "Why stop at 3?  There's absolutely no reason not to do 4.  You aren't dying, you have the time.  Do it."  So, after my cool-down wrapped up (it was the same pace as my recovery walks between intervals anyway and only a little longer), I bumped up the speed again and did another 5 minutes.

And I loved it.

It was the first time I really have thought, throughout the past 4 weeks of doing C25k, that I really felt like I might just be able to run - not run/walk - the half-marathon in October.  I'm finding my stride, I'm finding my breathing... I'm just really impressed with myself.

So, I came home and got the girls off to bed.  Showered and sat down to use my new crayons.


I had printed off a few mandalas to color, and this was the one I picked tonight.  And, as I was coloring, I thought, "Man, this design would make a really awesome afghan."  Like a circular Babette.  I think I'll print out another blank one, pick 6 or 7 colors and play with it.  Maybe I really will make an afghan.  I haven't felt inspired to crochet in a while, so I should jump on it.  =)

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