Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Come listen to my brain...

First of all, I would like to say that, yes... today was supposed to be weigh in day, but I didn't like the scale today so it will be tomorrow.  I get to make the rules and change them when I feel like it.  =P


Today was the first day of Week 3 of C25k.  That means a 90 second run, 90 second walk, 3 minute run, 3 minute walk, and repeat.  Week 2 was only 90 second runs, so 3 minutes seemed like a big jump.  But I was ready for the challenge.  Not really.  But I was going to try.

I would just like to treat you to the internal conversations surrounding this workout.  Because you don't think I'm crazy enough, I guess.  

It's raining.  The gym is going to be crowded and I'll never get a treadmill.

It's always raining lately and you always get a treadmill, it will be OK.  If nothing else, there's the track.

I can't run on the track yet.

You have to sometime.

So I get upstairs and there is one treadmill open.  The one I hate that has no shelf for my phone.  I figure it's better than the track, so I jump on it.  Then the one next to me opens up before I even turn on the treadmill, so I move over to the better treadmill.  I'm picky.

I started with a 5 minute warm up and then begin my 90 second interval.

These pants suck

It was these or the light gray capris and it's freezing outside.  Plus, when you wore the capris last time it looked like you peed on yourself.  Suck it up.

My underwear is slipping

Shut up and run.

That 90 seconds wasn't bad, but I'm not sure I can run a full 3 minutes.

Well, you have to try.

Then came the 3 minute run.  I have this odd habit of finding faces in the designs on stuff, and somehow I have located a face on the carpet in front of all three of the treadmills.  I know that's bizarre, but I find the face and focus on that face when I run.  The first 3 minute run was definitely difficult, but I did it without dying.  Go me!  

I'm not sure I can do another 3 minute run like that.  I only have so much energy.  The first 90 seconds took like 10%, the 3 minute took 50% and now I have another 90 seconds and that just doesn't leave me enough energy for another 3 minutes.  I still have to have enough energy to crawl to the child care room.  The girls can roll me out of the building, but I have to make it that far.

You can do this.  Get ready.

I did my second 90 second interval, and tried to brace myself through out the 90 second recovery walk for the 3 minutes ahead.  

That first 3 minute run was hard, I don't think I can do another one

Yes, you can, just go.

No, really, I have like no energy left.  I can't do this.

Yes, you can, shut up.

("Start running now!")

I can't do this.  I'm already out of breath.

Just try to count.  It's OK. 

I think I'm going to have to stop.

It hasn't even been 60 seconds, you can keep going.

This is week 3, I'm pretty sure this is the week where Crystal fell off the treadmill.

You're not going to fall off of the treadmill, you keep kicking the front of it, you're nowhere near the back of it.

I don't think I even like running.

You don't have to be a runner for life, just get through this.

No, I'm pretty sure I'm a walker.

It's like Crystal said about herself, "I'm no different than anyone else.  If they can run, I can run, too."

I can't do this, I can't breathe.


I think the phone is dead and it will never tell me to stop running.

The music is still playing, it's not dead.  Look at the face.

The face looks like a dead person, that doesn't make me feel better.

Watch Wheel of Fortune.

I can't look up there, I'll fall off.

You're not falling off.

Gasp, gasp, gasp


I'm going to stop now

No you're not

Inhale, inhale, inhale

EXHALE.  You have to exhale, too.

I'm going to stop, I've done my best.

Check the time so you can at least see how far you did make it.

7 more seconds?  Holy crap, I've almost made it!  I can't stop now!

I told you you could do it.

So, I survived.  I even kept walking another 20 minutes or so to hit 3 miles.  Thursday should be a bit easier, if the previous weeks' experience holds true.  Probably no less psychotic.  That's just me.


  1. I see stuff in other stuff too just not always faces. (Wow it sounds weird to write it out.)

    There's a unicorn above my bed, two hearts on the ceiling, a mushroom in my bathroom, and an evil clown in the other bathroom...

    I'm not crazy. Promise.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who argues with myself. Or sees faces in things. :P

    Way to go for sticking it out and going beyond!

  3. You go, girl!! That's awesome! And I argue with myself like crazy when I feel like I can't run anymore. Last time I tried to go on a treadmill that voice won (I hate running on treadmills). Whenever it gets super hard, I have to duck my head down and just stare at the ground. It's the only way I can keep going.

  4. Hi Jennifer! I couldn't reply back to your email because you're listed as a "no-reply commenter," so I thought I'd write back here. I did try baking an egg in an avocado the other day, but the recipe I was following suggested using a skillet and water to steam cook the egg. It actually turned out kinda gross, haha. The steam didn't cook the egg very well and it turned the avocado into mush, yuck. I'm planning on trying it again, this time in the oven!

    1. I'm not sure why I'm a no-reply commenter... Hmmm. I'll have to figure that out =)



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